Apr 2, 2006

UFO 7 completed

#7 UFO is "done-done"--mark it off the list. I had originally said that I would not post a picture of the EZ bowties once it was quilted and bound. That statement was made before I had to start all over with my blog notes. Bear with me for parts of this post. #9 Card Trick and #10 Jewel Box are with two of my fellow Belles for binding right now and are probably done as well but not turned in yet. I may have more completions for March than I know, LOL.

Most of the ties are done in pairs--a few had more if I liked the fabric. A good many of the fabrics in the ties were leftovers from backing yardage from the "Snuggle Up" quilts we made at one of the sew-in's last year but other scraps had been around a lot longer. To me it represent 3 days of cutting through my scrap bag back in January. I guess this is an example of what you can whip up if you have 3 1/2 inch squares cut out and 2 inch ones to match. Pattern source: one of Mary Ellen Hopkins' Connecting Up series of books. I can dig around and look if you really have to know but probably others have come up with this idea as well.

Stash used? Yes, but mainly the muslin cut aways and some cool green polka dot yardage Marilyn had just given me is used for backing. Hard to see a lot of progress in stashbusting when it is bits at a time but I can tell in small ways with less fabric in that bin now.

I had intended to finish up the heart quilt yesterday but we kept having intermittent bands of t-storms coming through here. Since I have just had to replace the motherboard on my Viking (my quilting workhorse) and our power is known to go off if someone in the neighborhood sneezes, I thought it best just to keep plugging on the binding. Ply a mechanical, person powered needle, so to speak and wait for better weather. Computer time was intermittent, of course. DJ and I managed to get in our walking after lunch when it had cleared for a bit--by then, it was close to 80 and I wished we had gone while it was cooler if we could.

The yellow pine pollen/dust that comes around in the spring is starting to blow the past few days. I am sneezing and so is the cat---watch out, I may zap off the electricity any second.


  1. Oh, Linda, this is cute! You're getting sooooo much done!

  2. Oh...it's so pretty!!! And another one done??? WHo slipped you that power energy booster pill???? I want one too!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to whine that I can't even begin to keep up with you...waaaah.
    Seriously, I love, love, love all that you are doing....and no matter how much yardage stash you busted, for me busting the scraps is the best part! I love them and am addicted to them...dare I say they are my favorite part?? OK, I said it...*VBG*

    Glad you and the Viking escaped damage in those storms, Hugs, Finn

    I WILL get that package in the mail tomorrow!!!

  3. What a cheerful quilt. You get so much done. I hope your power stays up.


  4. Linda,
    Great bow-tie quilt. I always love the look of those. Super job!

  5. Sorry about your sneezing!

    Wanted to say I love the cat-with-yarn between your blog posts, it's cute! And the bow tie quilt is VERY nice. I like the three little spots of red. :) My eye is drawn to those first, then I started picking out other fabric matches.

  6. glad another one bites the dust...I am with Finn, I want that power pill too! way to go gf!


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