Apr 27, 2006

tagged twice!

Hanne and Serena both tagged me for "6 Weird Things About Me". I'm not going tag anyone else but encourage you to participate if you like as some of the others in the ring have done.

I would tend to think along the lines of Jeanne and her gratitudes that she lists in each of her posts. Let me explain. Maybe we would be better served to concentrate on the good things about ourselves rather than the oddities or strange personality quirks. For example: I might say that "I am a good listener" or "My friends know they can tell me something in confidence and it will go no further" or "I am a good hugger".

We, as women and peacekeepers, say "I'm sorry" even when something is not our fault or we say it in a situation where we had nothing to do with outcomes. Maybe that is to express sympathy or comfort whoever we say it to, I don't know. We suffer from enough hits to our self esteem NOT to concentrate on the good things we do or the positives in our personalities. Just a thought.

Well, enough introspection from me this early in the morning, LOL. Onto the oddities.

  1. I would just as soon dip my french fries in mayo as ketchup (catsup--which is correct?)

  2. I like cranberry sauce on my turkey slices rather than gravy but it has to be my own homemade whole berry stuff.

  3. Physically I have a couple: my left ear is crinkled up more than the right, my left boob is slightly lower than the right but give it time and gravity the other will catch up , LOL. I have one long hair that grows up near the bicep of my left arm. Actually what is odder than all that? Anything that gives me pain or has been injured or whatever is always on my left side.

  4. I cannot sleep if my hands, feet and/or nose are cold. I have socks on my feet (and sometimes on my hands) very often in the cooler months when I go to bed but they have to be clean socks, not the ones that I wore during the day that may be sweat dampened. Once my feet get warmed up though, the inverse happens. I can't sleep if my feet get too hot and I'll be sticking them out from under the covers.

  5. My husband thinks this is odd--I think it is just to keep from hitting the support post of our carport or being the 4th person to cream the Weaver post office building by jumping the curb. I have to LOOK at the transmission to put the car into reverse or drive. Part of this comes from driving a stick tranmission for about 18 years and now I have been given my husband's old Taurus with an automatic. I've driven it for over a year now but he thinks it is silly for me to keep looking at the dash and not feel the clicks. The other part is I also used to check two or three times that the stick was in the right gear at a stop sign because I didn't want to kill it. Habit, in other words.

  6. Oops, that was only 5 but I guess I lumped a few together in #3

Guess that's it. Still not dressed and I have a store errand if I am to get my husband's birthday cake made while he is at the golf course. He needs my help hanging a storm door this afternoon--ugh, it has to be drilled which means more work for the guy who does not want to read the directions and wants it done in two minutes time. I should look through the steps myself to keep him on track rather than provide the two extra hands he needs to physically put it in place on our back door.

I DID get some stems appliqued last night on the round robin though I had intended to take the day off from all quilting matters. I almost sent up a distress call to Patti and Jeanne though because I was not sure which side you were supposed to stitch down first--inside curve or the outside. I was talking to Cher and Pam in IM at the time and they got me straightened out so no panicked email was sent out.

Lastly, "Happy Birthday" to a dear friend--have a great day!


  1. good morning! hope you don't do too much more than make that cake-after those 2 days you need a rest!
    loved the photos and hearing all about the sew in!

  2. We suffer from enough hits to our self esteem NOT to concentrate on the good things we do or the positives in our personalities.

    How very true, Linda. I really needed to hear this today. Thank you. :o)

    Your dh sounds like mine. He's not one to do well in long term (like...more then 10 minutes) "home imporvement" projects. ;o) I guess that's why I have become so handy with a hammer...and a paintbrush...and a wrench.....

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Thanks so much for your help with the "Crossed off goals" I figured it all out for myself with your wonderful help!! Check it out if you want.

    Thanks again!!

  4. Gee, I don't think you're odd at all. You sound perfectly "normal" to me. ;)

    I dip my French Fries in ranch dressing. Pretty close to mayo. LOL.


  5. {{{Linda}}} a big hug for your lovely introspective thoughts! Let's make up a "positive things" meme to do next week, OK? I'm going to be out of town over the weekend, so please don't start without me.
    Jeanne :)

  6. Positives....YES! We gotta keep on the upside of life. Great post gf!

  7. I can sympathize with your applique difficulties - which was it, outside or inside curves first? I avoid applique like the plague, but will eventually learn it, out of desperation... lol

  8. In Belgium no one would think of ketchup on their fries. It's always mayo. That's where I first encountered it and I've never looked back! I also like the idea of a positive meme. THere is enough negativity in the world as it is. Not that our oddities are necessarily negative, but we do get reminded of them enough. Positives, on the other hand, are seldom mentioned. Great idea.


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