Apr 10, 2006

Pattern source

Does anyone have an idea of the pattern source of this block?
This is a block that was a pile of donation material--possibly from some that Ellen, the head of WTIL, brought with her to the spring sew in a few years back but I have no way of knowing that for sure. I can see that it probably pieced by partial seaming around that little yellow block.
Is it something from Thimbleberries? Any ideas of where to start looking or what it might be called? I would like to make more like it if I could because it is just a cute as can be--maybe about a 9 inch block?
No quilting or sewing around here today. The Belles are going on a field trip tomorrow so I was trying to get all my ducks in a row, so to speak. I had to let everyone know what time we are leaving and from where as that was up in the air last time we met. I keep getting answering machines today so things are still not finalized as far as head count. Quilt shop, lunch out and a tour of the Girl's Ranch are on tap.
A little unsewing lies ahead as does some round robin planning. If I need anything, I'll be able to track it down tomorrow at the quilt shop.
DJ will need my help in a minute with a home improvement project so I'll sign off. Hope you all are having a great day----------


  1. I sure missed you this afternoon and evening LJ...far too quiet around here! I know you will have a super day off with your quilty friends...look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

  2. The block would be easy enough to draw in EQ5 if you have the program, then you could make it whatever size you needed.

    I agree, it is a pretty one. :)

  3. hope it was a good field trip!

  4. I have drawn your block in EQ5 as it is on your blog. It can be pieced by templates, with rotary cutting and quick corners (my preference to angles) or as foundation paper piecing. If I can help you, please do not hesitate to let me know :-) I have searced both EQ5 library and Block Base ( Barbara Brackman ) without finding the block.

  5. Evelyn at http://scrappyhappystarfishy.blogspot.com/ found your block pattern in one of her Quiltmaker magazines. According to her info, it's called Bed of Roses. She has all the other info you need for making it there as well as a sample block. According to her post, she couldn't remember who requested the pattern so she just posted the info at her blog. I hope this helps.


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