Jul 11, 2011

Design "Wall" Monday wk #29

This is what I was working on. There is one completed and hanging from the bookshelf in my sewing area for a guide.

Yesterday proved to be a "lost day" sewing wise. I got off another tangent and started cleaning off and cleaning out the crud on my keyboard. It looks wonderful but after all that, I found I had buggered up the space bar. I lost and then found the wire that is under the key but it still sticks---badly. That is kind of frustrating so I ended up pulling out an old backup that may or may not have problems of its own, LOL.

After I had posted on Saturday, I sewed my way through the pile of cut 6.5 inch blue squares till I ran out of background squares. I knew that was going to happen. I figured I could count up a little easier once I saw what remained blue fabric wise. Amazingly, I only have to cut for what would be 15 blocks once completed. I am still not sure how many blocks I need for the veteran's quilt---5 x8 will finish a hair short and about 5 inches narrower than requested but how married are they to 60 x 90 anyway??? 6 x8 might be okay. Wouldn't you rather have one a little undersized than no quilt?

I am trying to use the bits of leftover yardage and strips from previous projects for both prints and backgrounds. I'll dig thru the white bin in a bit.

Today's main project will be to finish up the block on the small cutting board before the pieces scatter and complete the half sewn big 4 patches There, I have given myself a short range goal. My blog will hold me accountable.

This morning was laundry day though I still need to put it away. I was busy in the kitchen baking this Tex Mex Sheet cake for the Bama Belles potluck tomorrow. DJ said he might have to invite himself along since that cake smelled so good, LOL. I often made this when someone at work had a birthday and often didn't come home with much. He might just be hoping that he gets some of it. The recipe is in the Eagle Brand Classic Desserts cookbook but I found it online on cooks.com HERE.

Of course, baking shot the temperature in the house up to about 84 and that was with the a/c on. This bakes in about 20 minutes since you use a jelly roll plan but still have to preheat. UGH. I imagine that the gas dryer was not helping matters any either. We are under a heat advisory again today from 12-7. BUT I see some cloud cover rolling in and there is a possibility of t-storms. Other parts of the country are in the same boat, no doubt since these are the dog days of summer.

Stay cool-------

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  1. yum, sounds delicious! I can't believe you are baking though! Maybe a nice fruit salad for pot-luck this time of year. Thanks for the recipe.


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