Jul 13, 2011

WIP Weds, wk.29

Just to avoid a pictureless post, here is the button basket block that I finished up yesterday. I also put a few stitches in the block that followed but too few to show. Design source: Bee Tree Designs on her flickr pages.

So what have I been up to today? Earlier in the day I started pressing and cutting some of that white on white pile from the last post. I got a nice pile of 3.5 inch squares and a start on the 30 6.5 inch squares I need to complete my giant four patches for the D4P top I want to make. I want the smaller squares for 3-D bowtie blocks to go with the small leftover blue squares from D4P. BUT I had a few other things to do before I could really get deeply involved with the prep work.

Errands run? Check. Lunch made? Check. Thanks to Pat, our Belles hostess I came home from the meetings with some of the leftover tossed salad as well as fresh tomatoes, whole cantaloupes(!) and some of the leftover water melon. That changed my menu plans a bit so I made Chicken Cobb Salads for us for lunch. Other kitchen tasks? Check. I have some vegetable beef soup thawed from the freezer and chopped up some of fresh tomatoes and tossed them in with that. I also re-purposed the extra hard boiled eggs by making some egg salad for tomorrow's lunch. Other than making me a big old pot of iced tea in a bit I can hole up in the sewing room and get something done.

At this point I wouldn't mind just hanging with my head in the freezer or hang out in the bathroom or the utility room---the a/c seems to working best in those small rooms. But I put on my big girl quilter panties and fire up the iron. There is really not a spot to put this white fabric back into so I hope to get it cut for the various projects if possible. Skinny Strips needs some whites if I stumble on some significant yardage.

Hope you are having a good day in whatever you chose to do---------

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  1. I love that greenwork basket!!! So sorry to hear you are suffering in the heat. The rain continues to fall here and the river is rising. We are all watching for possible flooding. At this point, it is only expected to be minimal, thankfully. I sympathize for you when you talk about firing up the iron in the heat....yuk!


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