Jul 14, 2011

pictures round the house

After running a quick errand into town, I was struck by how much more our crape myrtle trees/bushes had bloomed out. Had to get my camera! These did not load in the order I wanted but whatever...............

sunset shot from a recent evening

The red one--my favorite really

The purply-pink one as you enter the lane on its north side

Purply pink one and the white tree as you look back South

Today is hand work day, I guess. I already did the word "welcome" with perle cotton embroidery on the "Summer" piece top and bottom before I ran my errand---last seen HERE . Next up on my list is to baste the leaves and stems on July Button---last seen HERE. Then if I have the time and/or inclination, I can sew up the last 15 giant 4 patches for D4P. See how it goes.

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  1. Those trees are gorgeous! They don't seem to mind the heat that you have had lately.


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