Jul 14, 2011

half way there!

Yep, I am getting a little production done here today. The embroidery on Summer............

..........and flowers stuff basted down on the July Button Up.

Both projects are ready for the button hole applique once I swap out my machines. I like the BH stitch better on my Viking whereas I prefer to sew with the Brother.

I am still considering sewing getting to those 4 patch blocks but it is really thunder rumbling out there. I don't think we are under warnings yet but it certainly looks like it could at least rain a bit. I may wait till after supper if things are cleared up by then. Once the sun starts to lower in the cloudy skies, it sometimes will clear up when it nears the tree line. Who knows?

For now, I think I will pull the fabric for some friendship blocks I had offered to do.


  1. yay! finishes on the horizon is the BEST motivator!

  2. I love the addition of the flowers on the July Button Up!

    It looks like you were able to kick it into high gear despite the weather outside.

    Isn't it funny how at the end of the day the weather seems to be at it's best--the same thing happens here.

  3. I did not realize you had another Convergence going...

    July JATHQOM is looking good!


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