Jul 9, 2011

not much to show for it

It seems like I have been busy with some sort of sewing project all week but somehow, I do not have much to show for my efforts. Know what I mean?

So let's do a tally-------

  • Leaves and flower centers are all prepped for the July Buttonup. Binding is made but not pressed. 80 plus inches of 1/2 inch finished bias tubing is made but still need to be pressed. I am thinking that it would be easier to deal with if I cut it something around the lengths needed for the flower stems instead of the whole long length of it.

  • Binding is made for "Summer" but not pressed. I really do not like pressing binding, if you want to know the truth, LOL. How often have you seen piles of binding on this table over the years, LOL?? I even took a few stitches in the embroidered part of "Summer" (the word welcome goes on top and bottom borders) at today's quilt meeting but decided I needed a table and decent light to proceed with that!

  • A pile of hanging tabs were made for my "Be Attitudes" quiltlets. For all but the one that is currently hanging, I applied buttons to the front and snaps to the back of the tab and the quiltlet. That took longer than it should have as I must have sewn one of snaps on upside down at least 4 times. Towards the end I was getting really good at sewing the button with the same thread as the snap.

We had quilt guild over in Pell City today---one girl was sick so we were able to go in one vehicle. I was pleased that a new FB friend from the county who I met thru this blog was able to come to the meeting today so we could meet up face to face (Hi, Teresa!) I do so love show and tell. Betsy had the QOV top done in time so she could share it with the group today.

I need to get my butt in gear and get some tops made for that. Seeing some of the tops that others are turning in at the meetings is inspiring but I need to do my part if we all hope to cover 180 beds at the veteran's home! Mine is the next FAB birthday and we do plan to have a sewing day. Bday girl gets to pick the project and my choice was/is " Line Art" from Winter 2010, Quilts and More mag but they show it as one of the APQ free patterns online shown in what could be patriotic prints---HERE called Skinny Strips. I have at least some of the strips already cut for it when I cut my way thru the dark blue/navy basket last month. (Pat, you are exempt from that choice if you want to work on something else QOV).

After all two days of those tab things, I feel more like sewing that doing hand work today. Think I will go make a pile of giant 4 patches for a Disappearing 4 patch (D4P), speaking of cutting my way thru the blue fabric bin, LOL. I want this one to go to the veteran's home so that would be a start in the right direction.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend in whatever you chose to do-----------


  1. my days seem to *slip away* in summer without a lot of sewing to show~and thanks for the exemption from 'skinny strips' :)

  2. I am with you on the not fussy on doing binding thing. Two stumbling blocks for me are borders and bindings--maybe it is the B's I have difficulty with. LOL In any case, somethimes we don't think we are accomplishing a lot but we have to remember that those little tasks take time too and all add up.


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