Jul 15, 2011

today's goals

I have doing well in making do-able short term daily goals. Most of what I had my list yesterday got done until Mother Nature decided to get serious about that thunder and lightning around here.
I didn't get fabric pulled for the friendship blocks after all but I know where to start looking for it--which color groupings and/or theme. I DID get all but 4 of the giant 4 patches done last night. I tried but I am not going to risk zapping out the mother board on my machine. I always make sure the machine is unplugged over night since I had to replace one on my Viking. Or if storms are approaching, stop and unplug.

I finished up the blocks this morning. So today, I am going to get giant 4 patches cut for the next step. I am going to have to put this away for a few days so I want the blocks laid out ready to sew so the pizza box will work just fine for stacking them up as they should be picked up and sewn.

Problem was, I had no empty pizza boxes. I emptied out one that I would not be needing for a bit though the emptied out "class sampler" will have to go back in there at some point. Space is finite and I would have no place to stack more pizza boxes if I were to go buy a few more from the restaurant. Looks like I need to sew some of these contents so they can be recycled instead.

What I have learned from this project:
  • My large table mat is too big for turning to make the 4 cuts. This is one project where one of those revolving mat things MIGHT work but I wouldn't want to spend the money on something I would rarely need.
  • My 12 x 18 mat is a bit too small too for cutting that last little bit cut. I may to get down the between sized Fiskar mat that I don't like so much.
  • My beloved Big Mama ruler is just a hair too short. Here, I just told Teresa in chat that I seldom use my 12 1/2 inch square ruler but here is the perfect spot for it.
Once that's done I'll focus on the friendship block requirements. I'll soon be swapping out machines to do a pile of button hole applique and hopefully quilt a bit. I'll see how far I get with today's goals------

ED. NOTE: The block won't all stay together when you try to make the 4 cuts so don't even try to keep it all lined up. Everything is cut 1 1/2 inch (in my case anyway) from the center so it doesn't have to. Plus I can go back to my in between mat and fav ruler, LOL.

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  1. Wow love that disappearing 4 patch. I have done the 9 patch, now I'll have to try this one. Thanks for showing it to us. The blue and white is very striking.


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