Jul 1, 2011

how I spent my afternoon

........I prepped the applique motifs for my Nancy Halvorsen "Summer" wallhanging from her book In Seasons. I had been living with the naked base for a week or two so it was time----last seen HERE.

Most of it is fusible applique type thing. The angel dress is easier to sew a strip "set" and turn over freezer paper. Those stylized flowers right below it I used three different techniques: fusible for the spiky flower part, yo-yo type things for the centers and bias strip stems that I smartly sewed into the outside border so I didn't have to worry about a raw edge. (I wish I had done the same thing with the rising sun area.)

I'll get to the button hole applique in a few days. There are a few buttons to be added as well as some embroidery embellishments----bee flight and button with the hive, eye for the fish and I think star buttons for the angel's dress. "Welcome" is marked on the horizontal borders but I may do embroidery that once the thing is quilted.

I am thinking about working on the July Button Up tomorrow. Scroll down to BU7---it will click bigger. Should that be my action plan, I would do the button hole stuff on both pieces at the same time.

Having fun playing in the sewing room--------

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