Jul 4, 2011

Design "Wall" Monday

........more like, design "desk" Monday.

I am prepping the appliqued leaves for July Button Up. Whenever possible, I want the raw edges turned under. I need 10 of them---9 was in progress and 1 to go.

Next up 5 flower centers---there are two different sizes but I'll use that brown piece you see there to do the job.

Then I will have to hit the machine. To the right you see blue binding and the tabs piece to seam for July piece. In the middle, the bias strips for the stems---I need 80 inches worth at 1/2 inch wide. Lastly, you see binding to sew for In Seasons Summer.

Hand work is slow going but I enjoy it even if it is a little "boring". I am making some progress on two projects.

DJ and I aren't doing anything special for the 4th. I cooked out yesterday and will just re-heat the leftovers. Fireworks were held last night at the Fort McClellan Duck Pond. Even if I knew where that was, we probably would have stayed home. That's fine with me!

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