Aug 4, 2006

Friday ponderings

I've been playing Susie Homemaker and that picture is about how I feel at the moment, complete with mop rag. Most of it is my fault too. I am making a turkey breast in the crockpot for supper---not much of a heat generator there but come on, you gotta have the trimmings that go with it.

Just boiling the simple sirup to make whole cranberry sauce was enough but then add an oven on for 55 minutes plus to make a pecan cream pie. Then add the dishwasher running and no a/c on till oven goes off---87 degrees by our thermometer indoors. My internal thermostat didn't get to cool down from walking before I started either. It is much cooler back in the bedrooms where I am thankfully located, reading blogs and now posting. I'll hit the shower in an minute or two. We have been eating a lot of sandwiches or fast meals lately so I want a good meal with leftovers. Nuts, I know. DJ wondered if I was trying to spoil him or something---well, maybe a little. It is his favorite meal, after all.

Comments on comments:
I accept the compliments on the hot air balloon in the previous post on behalf of my sister-in-law who made it. I just quilted it and posted the picture in this case. I neglected to say that Jan had said that many of the patterns came from Sew Precise and are foundation pieced. SP 1-2 has a few in the fun section along with some kites and SP 3 has bunch of them.

The quilt on my bed is a summer favorite because it reminds me of sunlight and it is lightweight. I purchased the top from a friend (we were both living in IL at the time) whose husband had a booth in an antique mall there. John was and still does look for textiles for Cindy as she is also a quilter. Originally it was rather long and narrow like for a twin bed with pillow tuck so I took them off the length and put them on the side but had to make about 8 blocks. I have some fabric on hand that is from the era or else looks like it was and was able to match the yellow fairly closely. It just barely fits on my bed with the pillow top mattress.

I had to laugh at Pam's comment that my bed was made---I admit that I don't always do that. BUT since that great housekeeping jag a week ago or whenever it was I am keeping things picked up fairly well and that means the bed is made!

On the sewing/quilting front---the revamped medallion is quilted as much as I am going to quilt it. I think I am just going to leave those giant HST's puffy. If I change my mind (like when I see the picture of it ), I can go back and do something more to it. I am done wrestling it around except for putting on the label. That is the last WTIL pinned quilt in my stack so I am caught up in that department.

I have considered what I want to do with my cat fabric and think I was making things far more difficult than they need to be. I drew something up in EQ that I kinda liked but I am not necessarily in love with. Sharyn Craig's "Windblown Square" setting might work but I like that idea better for something else I have to play with. I have plenty of the cat fabric but only about a third of a yard of the "go- with's" to play with. I wanted to do a interlocking squares top but that means a fabric run. While I didn't sign on for the no purchase thing (its my birthday month after all and I got a round robin to think about) I would prefer NOT to have to run out to Hancock's for some nebulous thing. I'll save the interlocking squares idea for another quilt challenge.

SO I am thinking, Cher, that it will be that old favorite "Leap Frog" . Cut the strips I need from the "go with's" and add more from my brights bin. There are probably some already the right size in the bin, come to think of it. It may be smaller than pictured at left You can remind me where the heck this pattern came from. Decision made! Now I can quit agonizing over this decision and start cutting this afternoon. Why waste any more energy in that area?

Hanne, that hour a day thing in my case might need to extend to something I need to work on in my personal life---home study continuing eduation hours so I can renew my nursing license at the end of September. UGH! Not something I want to do or enjoy doing but have to do if I am to keep my license current " just in case" It would be far too easy to just procrastinate so I guess I'll get TWO hours of something I am not nuts about doing that has stalled out. My quilting "stall out" will be binding for one hour---I am setting the watch!

See what Judy has in mind for her "hour a day" plan soon I guess------three hours a day spoken for?? Posted by Picasa


  1. wow! 3 hours is quite a committment!

  2. I am in fact on a 3 hours a day too Linda - including Judy's plan,
    so if you like company you have it here :-) I need several things done by September 11.
    BTW - I meant to ask you but keep forgetting. What kind of machine do you quilt on ? Longarm or domestic ?

  3. You are very brave to cook in the hot weather. We, too survived on anything not cooked or we picked up from somewhere while the temps were high.

  4. I turned on the oven 3 nights ago for 15 minutes to make breadxtixks and was Soorrryyy!!! Has not been on since and it won't until it gets cooler. 96 today, but supposed to rain and be 89 tomorrow. Crossing the fingers! Is THAT another rule of DJ's no a/c with the oven on? Or was it just before 11:00am?

    Okay, so for those of us without the knowledge...what's the old Leap Frog pattern? Point me in the direction of that post! I'm not sure what you guys are talking about for the 3 hours a day, I read Judy's post, but I think I'll head over to Hanne's and read hers! Good luck!

  5. Hi Linda, I must say it's a good thing that none of us live just over the fence...LOL, or you'd have a housefull for supper tonight...*VBS*
    It does sound good, and I think you are right about needing something more of a meal after a few days of convenient food. It's the American way!
    You are taking on 3 hours a day..oh my!! But I'm sure you can do it if anyone can. I'll have to pop over and see what Judy has in mind for you gals.
    I've been sorting fabric today, looking for things that look "boy" and seeing what might be big enough for backings...*VBS* I think that counts as quilt time, right?? I did sew a fe 4 patches...LOL

  6. pecan cream pie??????oh lordy, that just might be worth turning on the oven!

  7. Linda, I can't believe you'd stand over a stove with boiling syrup -- having the oven on is bad enough! Our heat wave was last week; everything that got cooked (except coffee!) was done on the grill outside...

    Good luck with your ambitious time management plan


  8. I wish all the canning needed to be done during the winter. It's been hot in my kitchen too. Drains you, doesn't it?

    Judy L.

  9. Have just had time to catch up on your posts.
    Love the hot air balloon wall hanging you are quilting especially the border. And i love the bow tie quilt on your bed. I had a small scrappy bow tie quilt a few years back that i made with blocks from an international block swap. About a year later my sister bought it from me so she could give to her friend for her birthday. Have always wanted to make another one. Maybe next year when i complete some of my projects.

  10. Your green squares one is neat - my quilter's eye keeps trying to divide it into the units you'll be sewing it in!

  11. OOH! You'll have to post the recipe for pecan cream pie. Another dessert for the cooler weather.
    I think it's great that you use EQ. I have it but Mike uses it most of the time. I don't need another thing to keep me at the 'puter. lol
    Today is a lot cooler, with less humidity. Thank goodness.

  12. Well I can see why you missed watching Monk with all your housekeeping duties. That is my plan for today - tackle a few rooms that have been too long neglected. Happy saturday

  13. I did notice that you had pearls on in the picture.


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