Aug 21, 2006

typical Monday

No quilt pictures to show you--did plenty of that in the last two posts, I think. I appreciate all the kind statements you made on viewing them laid out the church pews.

I work with a great group of women here locally but I would be remiss if I did not thank my online friends (and Mom) who also sent tops and materials to keep us going. The core group of active piecers and quilters here is probably about 8-10 people but everyone contributed at least one quilt this year. The core group, more quilts or tops. Volunteerism is not mandatory to be a Bama Belle but it is contagious. You saw how they add up over time- one and then another, another, etc!

While I am on this topic, I could have sent a press release to the local paper but they have covered our efforts on three different occasions. Once was a pictorial spread and they said we had made dozens of quilts----that I took issue to because it was more like 100's and actually we were very close to 1100 since late 99 at that point. *VBS* I could not let that go by without correction.

Patti suggested that we send this in to Quilter's Newsletter magazine---nice thought but no. I don't even subscribe to it anymore and so many groups do the same sort of thing. What would make it newsworthy? The Bama Belles make quilts on behalf of WTIL but Cher does the same thing with her Portland Piecers and Pam took a huge bunch down to Mexico a few months back. I am happy to share the quilts here in this forum for you and the Belles but that is mostly because you have seen them in the making or when I have brought them home for the meeting. Beyond that, there is no need, in my opinion.

Not much sewing related going on here. The simplest thing I could grab is binding to finish up on the last WTIL quilt currently in my stack. That might be part of the day's hourly tasks. With traveling, the funeral and the quilt display stuff I am really off kilter. I am still thinking that the center of the medallion is too poofy and needs a bit of quilting--some crosshatching or a few extra lines of some sort.

Since Kim extended the deadline for the ostrich round robin centers until 9-1, I had decided to join in the fun and managed to stick down the starts of an Eleanor Burn's style Sunbonnet Sue and do the blanket stitching around it on Thursday evening. I put it on point and then had to work with EQ to get the block to a mathematically feasible number for the next round--just hope that I didn't goof up adding or subtracting the seam allowances because I already trimmed it possibly too close. That is as far as it got ....nothing done to it over the weekend. The sewing machine sits beckoning to me but not enough to actually cut the strips I need and add them.

I had intended to go to bee Gary and Betsy host on 2nd Friday to have him take a look at the local round robin I am facing until I got called out of town. I spoke to him about it on Saturday---altering or easing apparently is okay----alas, removing the offending material is not but then I didn't think it was. I got as far as pre-washing the fabric yesterday but no further.

Yesterday I spent some time updating my quilt documents now that I know what is going where, organizing some pictures so I can burn a disc for Ellen to send along with her copy. Then general paperwork, bill paying etc had to be be done as well. Even some room straightening and laundry though I fear I have had some sort of stomach virus for about a week and really didn't feel like it. Today so far has been a typical Monday with errands (post office, bank, gas up the car, grocery stop, etc) along with a trip over to the church to grab the photo albums. Why I didn't think to do it on Saturday, I don't know!

Before I left, Oren came by to get the Christmas quilt to take to his son's. They will be visiting them out of state later in the week. Bless him, he brought back the buttons I had wanted to ask if I could have--I collect them, thanks to my grandma and extra quilt blocks that I can pass onto Sarah to work her magic. I didn't know if the daughter-in-law was a seamtress or crafter so had slipped them back in the bag when he took it to the long armer.

So that's how it goes in my little corner of the world---I'll check in your spot in a bit Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi Linda, I think your way of getting back into kilter is just fine. Probably just what you need after all the doings of the past week or so. And worry takes its toll also.
    Hope the tummy trouble are brief ones. Sounds like it's going around. Cher mentioned something similar yesterday.
    I think you are rignt on, with your position on the donation quilts. If it was a ONE time thing then maybe, but it isn't(thank goodness *S*) and your stand on published what is accomplised works for me.

    I sure do wish there was some relief for you with the that darn RR that current is at your house. Such a shame, that bad material. I wonder if it was HIS quilt it might be different?
    Take care of you, and feel better soon. Hugs, Finn
    Really liked that Cache link to the Squares block. It's quite similar..but mine was double 4 patches.

  2. Glad that things are beginning to settle back to a normal rhythym. I loved the quilt photos -- no such thing as too many photos *s*

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the photos of all the quilts on the church pews. Very neat! Good job!

  4. Oh Linda, sorry you feel out of sorts these days, it will take a while to get back into the swing of your normal routine. You had quite a jolt. I agree with you about the publicity of the quilting project, not really what it's all about, so no need to change.

    Hope the tummy stays calmer and once you get all the little chores and "stuff" sorted out, you can relax and get back to quilting.

    Thanks for the cobbler recipe!

  5. sounds like your usual Monday to me ...had hoped you would take it the tummy troubles are no fun!

  6. thanks for sharing the photos of the quilt display.
    Hope you will feel well soon.

  7. ohhhh good another ostrich for the farm :-)

  8. Linda,
    Take it easy and I hope you're feeling better today. I think you got quite a lot accomplished considering you were under the weather.
    I know you don't think that your group needs the publicity, but what would be the harm if you sent it to a magazine like "QUILT"? It might get you more fabric and tops to work on.

  9. You know, a lot has been going on in your life lately. Everyone can use a rest after having been so busy. Take care ((( )))
    Keep on doing your reading and before you know it you will be done.


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