Aug 24, 2006

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Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head
Okay, this picture doesn't have much to do with anything other than it came from a friend in morning email along with a joke. Joke was okay but the picture looks priceless. Perfect picture of human nature, even at this young age. The little one on the right is pretty upset about the attentions being paid elsewhere.

Yesterday I managed to slog through two more chapters on my continuing ed units--two to go today but these are a lot less reading. I promised myself a peek at the new Fons and Porter "Love Of Quilting" magazine that came in today's mail once I am done with the last exam on the material.

I also got the binding completed on Betsy's revamped medallion for the boys. I am going to stick a few more quilting lines in it before I stick it up in my closet for holding purposes. I see that the walking foot is still on the machine so maybe later today or tomorrow. I know it is silly, but once the machine is set up one way or the other I hate having to switch it over just to switch it back. It would be different if I had the room to move from one machine to the other like some do between machine and serger if they garment sew. Isn't happening here! I also prefer to do all the cutting at one time if I can and if not cutting, then keep things set up for pressing. It is not hard to take the pressing board down-- it just disrupts my flow to keep switching gears like that.

Pam asked me last week what I thought I wanted to sew on since I was close to being caught up with the kids quilts. I am still debating that one. I'm still thinking finishing up with the ostrich round robin center but which of the things on my August goals if any, do I want to work on. Creatively, I need a kick start so that almost makes it something that I have not started and it should definitely be a personal project, not anything kid related. HMMMMMM. This will need more thought. I miss seeing quilts up here too, Esteemarlu! Unless I drag out some I own or some from the past there may not be any quilts to see for a bit at this rate.

Last night I was looking at EQ and realized that I can now download those extra fabric palletes of the month a whole lot quicker with the new faster internet connection along with the RJR project files that the two companies have worked on. Zip, zip those were downloaded. Some EQ owners may not realize that you can also download the Quilt Design Wizard projects as well and they will open in EQ5 as it is an EQ product. There is a Project of the Month Archives available that also loads the various fabric lines into the computer to play with in other areas. Got caught up with downloading those in no time at all---gotta love it!!

Below is one of the designs that I thought would be kind of fun for the boys quilts. I guess I would pick up on this because Antoinette had just gotten some soccer ball fabric in two colors as well as a race car flag like stuff and handed it to me at a recent meeting. The block measure 13 inches and the whole quilt 60 x 60 or thereabouts. There are some other balls, jerseys and so forth in the Sew Precise 1-2 (or was it 3?) that could be added. Since all the libraries of the other software can be linked to EQ, it adds even MORE blocks that can be used. Not entirely sure what those green things are supposed to be---ball diamonds??? I do like the "curves" though---different.

Grocery shopping day got pushed back from my usual Monday to Thursday because of my being out of town for 5 days last week. I had to laugh though---I had stopped at Dollar General in our little burg to get some of the paper supplies and canned goods we needed. When I got back to the car I found something I had in the trunk of the car had spilled over and unbeknownst to me, my cart started rolling down the parking lot as I tried to corral that mess. The next thing I knew the clerk came running out the door hollering "your buggy is getting away" It almost collided with the UPS truck, she said, but it didn't stop and it kept rolling. The driver was in the back getting his delivery out and couldn't catch it either. I thought I had my foot hooked around the cart as I normally do. Apparently not--- there goes my purse and all my stuff headed down the slope almost out to Main Street. She caught up to it before it rounded the corner or went out into the road. Of course, it helps that this is a very, very small town. Talk about customer service!

Well, Chapter 8 and 9 here I come--get this over with. Posted by Picasa


  1. Good job get your study out of the way. The sport quilt idea looks like a lot of fun -- I'm sure little boys and even some girls would love to have such a design.
    I'm with you when it comes to cutting all at one time. I just feel more organized and prepared. I think I make less mistakes if I get in the rythym and just get it done. Also I like to leave my ironing board up. The problem is I sew in our entry-way. This puts the ironing board squarely in front of the front door. We go in and out of the garage, but if someone rings the bell, it's quite a little manuever to get it out of the way and greet someone. My friends understand this and the occasional door to door sales pitch is just left shaking their head *s*

  2. had a little chuckle over your shopping escapade, partly from the story, and partly as I reconginzed wht stalling technique on getting to the course work :-)

  3. what an adventure at the store- so glad you got everything back and no one was hurt!

  4. I know the feeling about not wanting to set up to do something new when another project isn't finished. I'm afraid I won't get back to task number 1! After reading your post, though, I just changed to purple thread to do some piecing b/c the machine quilting I'm doing is driving me crazy. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

  5. Last time I had my walking foot on my machine with my 1/4" nearby - Little Boy stole the 1/4" foot and now I am having trouble with my seams - bother! But - like you, I like to keep my machine set up one way or another and get everything for that foot done all at once.

    Gosh - glad your funny shopping story had a happy ending.

    AND - Little Boy liked the balls on that quilt - so it passes the 3 year old boy test!



  6. I like the boys quilt you may be planning to do.
    And your story about grocery shopping was entertianing. Glad your cart didn't go any further than it did.

  7. I would have LOVE to see that whole episode.

  8. What a hoot to see your groceries rolling away and away...yikes! So glad that gal nabbed the cart for you. One sees things like that the funniest video shows..but a first hand experience is priceless!!

    Way to go an finishing the binding. I actually DO know how much further around the edges that revamped one was than the ones you usually sew binding on. Good Job!!

    Like the boy block drawing from EQ..not my cup of tea, but it would make a great quilt..*VBS*
    Hope we both can find just a tat of inspiration soon
    Maybe sailing ships?? Hmmm... keep up the great job on the re-newal'd doing so good!

  9. glad you have a way to motivate yourself through the studying today-no fair you always get your magazine ahead of me!
    what an amusing tale about your cart-good ending, otherwise it would not be so amusing.

  10. Love the boys quilt, can't imagine any boy not loving it as well. Do some sewing for yourself!!!

  11. Great customer service indeed! If that had happened in my teeny tiny town it would end up on the front page of the wkly paper!! Names included!

  12. Well, first you get a huge pat on the back for doing your studies!! Keep going, soon it will be done!

    The quilt looks fun, although I don't have any boys right now, but definitely a keeper! The cart story sounds hilarious, althought not funny while you are the one trying to keep it from going anywhere and then having to chase it down! Good thing for the lady who graciously chased it down for you!!

  13. I could have used this a few years ago, but now I'll have to wait until there are grandkids. Believe me, I'm in no rush.
    I'm sure your "dry" spell won't last. It's probably got to do with the letdown after getting all those girls' quilts ready to go.
    Your "buggy" adventure sounds like something out of the funniest home video show.

  14. You are such an inspiration, Linda! All those quilts for the kids... I got a chuckle out of your shopping cart escapade. I am totally in agreement with you about not switching gears in the middle of something. I catch myself looking to see which foot is attached at the moment too as well as what color thread, etc.. Wonder if the sports equipment blocks in that quilt are paper-pieced? I like it.

  15. Really cute picture of the little kids. I was trying like crazy to get cute photos of my grandadughter while in MN, but it is so hard to catch them! Nice customer service with the groceries also. Wow!

  16. What a mental picture of your groceries rolling out into the highway... lol

    I like the sports equipment too... but wouldn't ti be called ...EQuipment? lol

  17. Hi Linda,
    Wanted to say hi. Life is busy...blogging isn't a priority at this point! Thanks for your post!

  18. How many more chapters of studying do you have to do before you are done ?
    Playing with EQ is good too - virtual quilting you know ;-)
    Today is machine quilting day here - starting now.


    If you are interested here is something else you can check out.
    Kris actually started all 3 matches for the tournament this past weekend. They have them ranked 9th in the big ten conference so maybe they will be the dark horses. It was amazing watching her play vb in the big ten. Best yet...she loves it there !!!!!!!!!!!


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