Aug 22, 2006

quilt blocks

I was looking for what the quilt block that Libby shows in the homespun fabric on her site today. While stumbling through the various categories of block divisions in BlockBase, I found the block that many of you have been using for JudyL's challenge as shown at left is called Lincoln's Platform Brackman #1935---I knew it looked familiar! Judy may have identified it as such and I just missed it in the reading. I may try this eventually as all of yours are turning out so wonderfully--all the different color variations.

Oh, I think that Libby's block is called Lady of the Lake Brackman #1342. They show one on Quilter's Cache here.

Paperwork is basically done for Bama Belles but wouldn't you know just when I thought it was finished, all three of the checking accounts statements came---those can wait a couple days! Documents updated, pictures properly filed and CD burned. We had thunderstorms last evening and about 4 inches of rain in our gauge over about a 2-3 hour time frame. Lights kept flickering but we didn't lose power like we did on Sunday. I was finished with the computer by the time all that happened, fortunately and didn't lose any data.

Today: walk soon while we have some cloud cover, one chapter of my continuing ed units (big ugh but September and license renewal comes soon), finish that binding and then work on that ostrich center completion. Now that I have set those small goals best find my shoes and get ready to roll as my husband will be standing in my doorway nudging me along any second. Posted by Picasa


  1. Like you, I am tempted to make Judy L's quilt. I was not able to make it now in the time frame that everyone else is doing it. Maybe we will have to "pull up the rear" and do our versions after everyone else has finished. *LOL*

  2. I think that almost any block made nowadays can be found in some sort of text as done before. I love the Quilter's cache block that you found, the block was interesting but the QUILT was simply perfect and I think I have just the perfect thing for making it with!! A big round bunch of christmas 15 FQ's. Add some other fabrics and I think that design would make a lovely xmas quilt, especially being on point! I will bookmark it and save it for later.

    SO what book do you have that has all these numbered blocks in there?? OH one more thing, Linda, remind me again what the best size is for the BOy's ranch quilts. I know biys are longer and taller. Maybe like 55x70 or so...or longer? It might not be next month, but I am going to slip in a few for you to give to them and I want them to be the best size!

    Happy walking!

  3. you are right LJ, Judy did post that reference number - and I have enjoyed seeing all the various ones pop up all over the place too! hope you have a great day.

  4. Thank you so much for posting the name of the Lady of Lake 2 block. It has been such a mystery. I really like the way the top is pieced on Quilter's Cache. Now I'll have to make another *s* Enjoy your walk.

  5. Me and My Sister Designs has a pattern called "Check Your Flies" using that block. It's adorable. And, of course, on my To Do list.

  6. Sounds like you are re-grouping and will rolling along at full speed before you know it..*VBS*
    Sometimes that's just what we have to do....lay in the weeds, so to speak, and then make a run for the border..LOL
    I've also been trying to regroup. Finally got my hair cut today, hoping that will help.

  7. its neat to look through collections of blocks and see the same block worked up in such a variety of ways. Really brings it to life...

  8. Are you going to go back to work, or are you keeping you license current just in case? I didn't realize that nurses had to recertify.
    I've pulled the fabric for the hour a day quilt. That's it so far for me. I like the bringing up the rear thing. We can have our own little group.


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