Aug 8, 2006

nope, not sewing

This picture was on my lost blog but hey, it's gone so I can drag it out again. Nope, I am not sewing---just binding. I've three sides done and will get back to it at the quilt meeting today.

Yesterday was errand day as usual but I finally got myself hooked up to high speed cable internet or as DJ called it "your new toy". Lots of friends, family, newsletters subscriptions, accounts to change . Oh, I needed to install new anti-virus protection as I had been getting it free as a subscriber to my old ISP as well.
Very little stitching got done yesterday.

So I best get myself dressed and outta here or I am going to be late. Later-------- Posted by Picasa


  1. ummmm - I think putting on binding is considered sewing. Give yourself credit. : )

  2. Nice the "meet" you, Linda J. Congrats on the highspeed internet, you will be sooo happy with it!!

  3. You will so love the high speed connection - you will wonder how you lived without it. No more heading for the bathroom, washing dishes, putting on make-up, cooking, etc. while waiting for quilt pictures to load! Goody for you!

  4. i too just got high speed. it's like going from pony express to the jetsons!! Love it...

  5. I "upped" to DSL(no cable here, but DSL is faster than dial up) in March and I love it..things load in seconds most of the time.
    Traffic is still heavy on Friday nights, but knowing that, I allow for it.
    But being online ALL the time, you need MORE virus and worm protection...I was amazed at how many invasion attempts happened the first week or so. It's quieted way down now.
    Nice to see the picture of you again..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

  6. Binding is sewing !
    How lovely to put a face to the name.
    I bet you enjoy your better internet connection :-)

  7. Oh yay on the high speed! You'll never willingly go back to dialup LOL. :) Enjoy and yay I love seeing the woman behind the blog ;) xoxo melzie

  8. Nice to see your "portrait"! Welcome to the world of high speed. You will wonder how you made out without it!

  9. Looks like sewing to me! I figure..any time my sewing machine is ON...I'm sewing!

    Enjoy the high-speed....we aren't able to get it yet.


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