Aug 8, 2006

meeting day

Look who is making herself right at home. Yep, even left her perch to get on it. One of the girls was storing some quilts for us at her home but will be out of town when we spread them out on the church pews for viewing. I needed to transfer those back to my house. I was refolding this one to put back on the armoire or atop the clothes hamper when guess who took that as open invitation. (And no, Pam, I didn't get that bed made this morning. First time in over a week that I haven't. ) Guess she is giving it the kitty stamp of approval. You will get off of it when I am ready to hit the sheets, Missy Miss!

We only pinned two tops today since we are in wind down mode and know that we have enough quilts to meet our obligations. I had three tops with me and three volunteers to help with the binding. One was completely finished by meeting's end but it was half done to start with, another was half done and that big revamped medallion, a good bit done---I'll finish them up so those came back home with me along with 2 other completed quilts.

I got all that I could get done on Betsy's Christmas quilt till I get the label printed--just leaving the opening around that to be finished up. Good to visit with everyone since we weren't all sewing at separate tables but rather gathered around in one spot hand stitching basically.

I had given one of the girls some 30's fabrics to use on her round robin obligation and she sent what she didn't use back with me along with a bit more that I surprisingly, don't own. Who made out better on that deal? Still have come to no conclusion on my own obligations---I may post that to get some help/suggestions on what I could possibly do with it. I know what block, have them printed but the background color is what have me stymied. I've got some takers if I want to make a quilt shop run later in the week--can you imagine, LOL?

Also I would like to tell you about my friend Veronica who just started blogging today--stop by and welcome her at Veronica, Cher, Pam and I--and Nancy for a time--were all on the same quilt list together some time back. She has tons and tons of quilts--enough to be the featured quilter at her area quilt guild in New Mexico. I was thrilled for her receiving that honor and loved looking at them on her webshots folder recently. Some, I remembered so it was fun to see those again. When she found out I had a blog, she mentioned casually that she should get one too---and I encouraged her to share some of those quilts with you as well. Tell her Linda J sent you, LOL.

Nothing much to report--quiet evening at home, just the way I like it. Already being bad and didn't get to chapter 4 of my nursing CEU done either yesterday or today. Hey, I made the "rule "so I can bend it. It is printed (after I got a new ink cartridge) and there are lot more tables, pages, etc to go through on this chapter. There is always tomorrow. Posted by Picasa


  1. After a week with my best friend, a quiet eveing at home sounds just perfect!

  2. Hey LJ, love the housework funny...LOL Think I'd better try that one pronto!

    How nice to hear that you gals have met your goal and can ride the current for a bit and just enjoy the glow of success!!! I'm sure you will all come out full force as the next challenge steps up to the plate. I'm looking forward to it..*VBS*
    It's a totally awesome amount of quilts your group has provided in such a few years. Keep up the great work, Hugs, Finn

  3. Oh I am looking so forward to seeing the big church layout this year! You ladies in your group can truley say that you give your all for the benefit of others.

    I got some new backgrounds a few weeks ago,(not the current ones on my blog) for the sole purpose of making Boy's Ranch quilts!! SO I'll get started on those in a little while and send them off to you.

    Now go do your homework!


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