Aug 19, 2006

Quilt display

My regular readers may recall my mentioning that today was the day we were to take the quilts on hand that will be donated soon. We counted 98 quilts on the pews today at our little display. It was just like visiting some "old friends"--if you missed a couple meetings, then you didn't see all of them so there were some new ones to you. We had a few visitors but I said that we put them out there more for us see one more time before we hand them over.

Most will be going to the Girls Big Oak Ranch at the end of the month, some of the ones that screamed "boy" were saved towards our efforts for the Boys Big Oak Ranch next year (12). Several (6) will be going to a cottage of girls that the Presbyterian church where we met has "adopted". We also had some that are a bit too small for our needs this year but we share some members of our group with a guild in Etowah county--they need some help to make some for DHR and we had 9 to share. I need to crunch a few numbers/verify but that means 68 or 71 for the girls.

Linda S was holding about 30 some quilts at her house but I had the others stuffed in my closet, atop the armoire almost to ceiling height and a stack on the hamper--I've showed those pictures in previous posts. Linda and I were to meet down at the church Friday morning to bring the quilts down to store overnight and lay them out this morning for viewing. SOOOO Thursday afternoon, I start lugging the quilts out to the car, DJ offers to help after I had made 3 or 4 trips out. We emptied armoire and hamper (about 30 quilts) and he asks "is that all?" Nope, there was a pile on the bed that I had started taking out of the closet and all of them IN the closet to go. Then I got "where did all these come from?" "why are you storing them?" Ah, where do you think??? We have only been working on these since the first of the year and twice a month I drag more in the house.

Okay enough of a set up---you want to see some pictures, right? I have more of the closeups that I can post but this should be enough for you to get an idea of it anyway. Looks like I am missing one that shows more of the left side of the pews so maybe on edit. Nope, not behaving---I'll post a few more in another post and totally bore you to death but you should be able to see the quilts a little better close up that way.

right hand side looking towards the back

left hand side towards piano and organ

" Amen" corner

More of amen corner and right side

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  1. Linda, that is a fabulous array of quilts! You-all should be so proud of yourselves!


  2. Ah, I've been awaiting the day for quilt review and show!! Boy do they ever look impressive all laid out like that on the pews!! You gals really should be so proud of yourselves. These girls are goingt o be so happy to receive these wonderful quilts!!

    I see several of Jeannes tops, Finns tops and loads of your quilts! Simply a wonderous site!

  3. Wonderful display. I would just want to stay the day and admire them.

  4. Linda, God Bless You and everyone who donated a quilt or quilt top. What an amazing display!

  5. Both days of photos are great! I love seeing all these quilts, and knowing they are going for a good cause.

  6. What a fantastic display of generous giving and sharing of one's talents. And the quilts are just beautiful. Congrats.

  7. A really, really impressice sight..all those quilts for kids..*S* I just had to leave one more comment...LOL. I'm excited to carry on from here. With 9 grandsons, boys I know, and am making plans for the new batch of quilts.
    I have stuff to be sending you soon. Hugs, Finn

  8. What are you doing to do with all that new-found space in your house?

  9. How neat! I make quilts for Project Linus as time permits and find that it feels really good to think that a baby or child somewhere is being wrapped in something I made.

  10. Ohohoh! This is just amazing!

    I missed this display when I was computerless, and I'm THRILLED now to see it!!

    {{{{{A HUGE HUG}}}}}

    Jeanne :)


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