Aug 6, 2006

I can be adaptable too

First day of working towards goals was easy, 2nd day a curveball came my way but like Jeanne says "I can be adaptable". I did my study chapter and printed off the third one so I am ready for today. ( It is much easier for me to refer to NOT on the computer screen. Hard copy lets me highlight and mark down the answers to the test questions as I work too.)

I was working on the binding project as well and was up to about the half done mark. Then the phone rang--twice. First was the prez of the Home Extension group that I serve as treasurer with a question I could not immediately answer without some digging. Okay, that was taken care of rather quickly.

Second, Oren had Betsy's Christmas quilt 2 back from the long arm quilter and I had told him when he picked up the top that I would finish up the binding and labeling. No problem---I'll be home; come out when you are ready. The problem was that I could not find the binding I had cut and pressed but I did have plenty leftover yardage if I had to do it again. I had initially thought that perhaps I had sent it with him to the long armer but as soon as he dropped it off, I knew I better look again. Sure enough, buried in the basket in the area I thought it was but until I got it off the shelf, couldn't see it. That was a relief--the re-do will "kill ya". I got most of it on before I had to prepare supper. I knew this was coming but not knowing the long armer's back log, I didn't know when.

For those who do not know and are new to the ring, I was asked to complete this quilt for a member of our quilt group who had passed away. Betsy had made one already and given it to one son. The one I am showing was to go to the other son and his famly. She had roughly the top half of the quilt together and some loose blocks to add below. I pieced or appliqued a good bit of the lower half. This link will take you to a picture of her first one Betsy's Christmas quilt 1 . The link above will take you to a closer up shot of the quilt--sorry I should have edited this one first in Picassa.

The patterns came from Oxmoor House as a Block of the Month packet sort of deal--an appliqued block and a pieced block, two packets at a time as I recall. Yep, I had the book too and that made me the logical choice to finish up the job. I totally re-designed mine though to accomodate no spacers and set in seams the church looks more like a building than a store front, etc, etc. I only have the top row done on mine though.

The long armer did a nice all over meander and some outlining with a warm toned tan thread---that choice looks good everywhere but on the Santa redwork and the Santa face, in my opinion. The same one had quilted several of Betsy's quilts and had done some of the collaborative work for the publication's "Other quilts and projects" sections. Logical choice then. I would have just done something very, very basic with my limited abilities in that department.

SO it turned out that my working on something Christmas yesterday was NOT my own project. No biggie. It is more important to me that Russell, Janna and the kids have this in their home to enjoy this Christmas. Oren will be going out to visit them later in the month and can hand deliver it. This will be my binding project--and for more than the hour each day too.

I had to laugh last night---I had headed to my bedroom early last night to watch TV and decided to pick up my sweater left front to knit as I watched--just easy K 1, P1 ribbing at this point. DJ came in at 10 and said "What are you doing? You're a quilter, not a knitter! We are not on vacation!" Well of course, I am but I can wear more than one hat and do more than one craft. He DOES have a point. One trip back to IL I made him a set of golf club covers--last year most of a sweater back.

One other thing---a correction on my post yesterday or was it the day before. The pattern source of the balloons in my SIL's hot air balloon wallhanging shown HERE is from Electric Quilt, not the Sew Precise software. Both quilt software are made by the same company and there are some there. I misunderstood what she had told me.

And so it goes in my little corner of Alabama, USA Posted by Picasa


  1. How generous of you to spend your precious quilting time finishing someone else's projects for them! When I read about your quilting firend passing away before she finished the quilt for her second son and family and you picking up the needle to finish, it brings tears to my eyes. Well done, generous quilter!

  2. Hi Linda, soooo glad you found the needed binding. It would be alot of extra work to make more, AND then find the fist batch.
    I think anyone who writes schedules and goal needs and "pause" button for the unexpected things that come our way.
    Siscipline is good, but if it's just for the sake of discipline..well...I'd give you a "pause" button..LOL Love the comment from DJ..LOL, it's not like you were doing something illegal..were you?? *VBG*
    But it's good he keeps track of you..Hugs, Finn

  3. HI Linda,
    How nice of you to finish that quilt for your friend's family! I'm sure they'll love it.


  4. The finished Christmas quilt looks great, and I'm sure her family will treasure it for a long time. It's great that they will have it to comfort them this first difficult season.

  5. The Christmas quilt looks wonderful, and I'm sure her son will enjoy it for years to come.
    I put a binding in a safe place years ago. I still haven't found it. The quilt it was supposed to go on is done and on my bed. Oh well...

  6. Well, the point of the "hours" is to do something you need to pick back up right? SO you NEEDED to pick this quilt back up and you did! I know as quilters we try to keep to a perfect schedule, but somtimes we get these curves and the better person adapts and moves along. You still spent quilty time...and even threw in some knitting time too!

    I think the quilt turned out very nicely and her son and family will be so happy with it.

  7. busy, busy! sounds like you are stiking a good balance however in the nursing CE must do and the quilty parts of life-hurray for getting back to finishing up Betsey's gift to her son and his family. Quiltmaker was the magazine on Leap Frog..I would have to dig to find the details and there is zero time for that this next few weeks.

  8. Well done for completing the Christmas quilt. I'm sure your friends family will appreciate.

  9. sounds like you are pretty busy.. keep on quilting

  10. That is one cute quilt, well done for finishing it. That's another to cross off the list!
    Have a great week

  11. I will cheer you on with your binding if you will cheer my machine quilting of DD1's quilt. We do have the persistense, haven't we ? :-)

  12. Oh, stitching on the binding is my favorite part. It'll be done before you know it. How very, very sweet of you to complete this lovely quilt. It will be a cherished one, I'm sure.


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