Aug 28, 2006

Monday notes

Let's try this again---a whole post when scurrying off into cyberspace. Blogger not playing nice or my network connection isn't?

At left we have Ms. Pippi on one of her favorite haunts. How that could possibly be a comfortable position, I don't know. It almost hurts my neck to look at her! The picture was taken before I cleaned those kitty nose prints off the window from her peering at the birds below in the holly bushes. No doubt that the curtains have their fair share of cat hair when you see that paw and leg pushing them out of the way.

I seem to be having some connectivity problems today. Earlier I could not get online at all but had to let it go till we got back from walking. Once we were home it was back working like it always did. Now it is "doing it" again--not sure who I need to call about it. The local yokels at the cable company? The 800 number that I was given when I first hooked up? All the green dots are NOT lit up on the external modem is all I know but the LAN icon says I am connected. HMMMMMM Is this expected with high speed internet? I have had no problems in the three weeks that I have had it. What do I know? After being stuck on hold for about 15 minutes I finally got to a humanoid who said the tech would be calling me back----that was 3 hours ago but I've been back in business since 5 or 530.

Not much quilting going on this past weekend. I had intended to quilt some more on my 30's sampler but............and you knew there was a "but", LOL. I was chatting with a friend on IM on Saturday and we so rarely get to visit like that with her back to the Monday-Friday 8 to 5 type hours. My quilting set up in this small bedroom means blocking access to the keyboard and so forth. That's a no brainer to me---talk with my friend and quilt when she is at work!

So I pulled out this antiqued Santa wall hanging that had more appliquing left than I thought and started putzing with that. It is a Wild Goose Chase Design that was set aside 10-12 year back. I purchased it from Keepsake Quilting as one of their Patterns Plus so the fabrics were all kitted up. Old Ginny Beyer stuff and some Roberta Horton plaid and the tree background is something I have used in another old UFO from a long ago class. I worked on it on Sunday as well so the top is done and ready to be basted. May hand quilt it as it is pretty small and would make a good grab it and go project.

Tomorrow is the red letter day for the quilt group though---we deliver the 71 quilts we have set aside for the Big Oak GirlsRanch. We have more but as I said, in my post from 8/19 the 28 have other destinations. I will take my camera but I don't know if it will be appropriate for us to take pictures there--check with the director first. I had called Linda S. earlier today as the quilts are all over at her house right now and offered to help load the van but she had it all under control.

So the day is slipping away---knit for a bit on that sweater front I started or do some bluework embroidery on those snowman calendar blocks. Always good to have options even if it means nothing ever gets done, LOL. Keeps you from being bored, right?

Okay, I'm crossing my fingers and hitting send. Posted by Picasa


  1. hurray for it all working right in the internet world. I like those choices..what a cute Santa! your old ufos are older than when I got back into quilting...oh my.

  2. If you are having problems with the internet try this: Turn off your computer and your modem. Wait 30 seconds. First turn on the modem and wait for the lights to come on or blink (I don't know what type of modem you have, but wait for the lights to look like the normally look when it is working). Once the modem is up and running then turn on your computer. I have high speed cable internet and every once in a while I have to turn everything off and restart.

    BTW, your Santa is looking adorable.

  3. glad your internet problems seem to be rectifying themselves... Enjoy the quilt delevery tomorrow

  4. I love that applique project you revived! I wish I lived close enough for you to teach me how to do the bluework snowmen. I have always wanted to try bluework / redwork and I collect snowmen! What a great combo! Sorry to hear about your connection problems. As you can see, my picture is back--don't ask what happened--it is still a mystery to me.

  5. Ohh, I hope she does let you take some pictures... :)

    Toby has a boneless sprawl like that, but not the neat window seat to do it in! And I can totally sympathize with the kitty nose-prints on the window glass... lol

  6. Enjoy your day tomorrow - I'm sure that deliveries of that nature can get overwhelming at times. I do hope that they allow photo's to be taken.

    Oh my, so many Bloggers are posting about knitting - it's time for me to get something out to knit.

  7. We, too, use the power off/power on method of home tech support. Usually that's enough to get everything up and running.
    Your applique project looks like a fun one. Christmas will be here before we know it. You are getting a good head start *s*

  8. have fun tomorrow delivering all those quilts--what an emotional moment it must be for you, rewarding too. And you WILL get your just rewards one day. Pictures would be awesome, but you can always paint a mental picture so that we can live the moment through your eyes.

  9. Hi Linda, the wallhanging looks great! It's kind of fun to see those older things again. And I think hand quilting it would be fun..*VBS*
    I finished up a very old Country Threads Uncle Santa a couple of years back...and it really felt like a relic! I still have one of Paul Bunyon to baste and quilt, and it seems like one more I'm not remembering right now. Funny how the years slip by, but it was such a big deal at the time..LOL.
    Love the pic of Pippi, she looks comfy to me.
    I'm excited that Delivery Day is almost here...what a thrill to enrich the lives of others..*VBS*
    And yes, DSL has it's own little quirks it seems, and on mine, the 3 green lights are on all the time..and one of the others blinks off and on as things happen on the web.
    I think the red one should only blink at start up, as in if you disconnect completely and then reconnect. It's not always easy to get the information about the connection. Harder than to find out stuff from tech support. Good luck! Given the start up fee, and it was so recent, I think you should be given answers tho.

  10. OK - came through loud and clear - hooray!

    I think there are lots of different cable modems, but I know when ours has one or more of the lights out the first thing the help desk does is have me reset it. This means unplugging it for a couple minutes then plugging it back in. Often that works, so now I automatically try that if lights go out. If that doesn't work I call the help desk number provided by Comcast - our cable company. Often there is a recording listing areas having problems, so I listen to see if our area is listed. If not, then I wait for a real person to answer. They've always been very helpful. A couple times someone has had to come out because our modem is bad or something like that, but usually they can fix it by telling me what to do on my end. When we've been down for a couple days or more I always ask for credit on my bill, and they are always generous giving me more credit than the days I missed.

  11. Wow, Linda! It's almost like we're living parallel lives! LOL My internet was acting up this morning, too. And, I posted a Santa picture on my blog. Great minds think alike? lol

    What an exciting day you'll have tomorrow. Can't wait to hear about it. I hope you are able to take pictures. Will be thinking of all of you.

  12. Aaww- what a cutie-pie Santa.

    Have fun tomorrow - I am sure it will be a very rewarding experience, photos or not.



  13. What an adorable Santa! Can't wait to see it all quilted up.

  14. Santa! Love that Santa! Always good to have a quick take along project that you can grab and go when needed. As far as your connection...ugh, hate those issues.

    Oh boy, you will so enjoy handing over those quilts. Those experiences are my favorite part of making WTIL quilts.

  15. Last night I had internet, but no email. I felt like I was being punished for goodness sake. :)
    I like your Santa, he's cozy looking.
    Have fun at the ranch, hope they let you take some pics.

  16. Your Santa wall hanging is very nice. I especially like the shape as it's different.

  17. I think teh internets were being cranky yesterday. I noticed that the login page for my yahoo account had had the same photo for a couple of days and that photo usually changes with each login. Teh internets are behaving this morning. /paula

  18. Well not much to say that hasn't already been said, except that we do the same thing. Unplug from the back of the modem...wait about 3 minutes then plug back in and it's reset! ALso Blogger has been super cranky too. Yesterday I could barely get the comments to open!

    Pippi looks might comfty although I haven't figured out yet how laying on your neck could be comfortable, but mine do it all the time too! Cat hair is just something that come along with them..don't look too closely at my drapes either! *BG*

    I like santa...finish him up and put him out this year!

    I can't wait to hear how the trip went ot deliver the quilts. That has to be so rewarding for you and all the ladies. It's a special bunch who can give so selflessly to help give others a little piece of mind and something to help them feel safe and warm...and most of all like someone cares about them!

  19. That Santa is just adorable. It looks like you are well on your way to finishing it up for this year. Good job!

  20. I like your little Christmas quilt. When you finish it you will be have one Ufo less and be early for this Christmas - pure bonus :-)


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