May 10, 2006

almost getaway day

One last picture and then I'll stop yakking about this project until I can tell you that the top is done and on its way to the long arm quilter.

I must correct a misconception that Laurie Ann may have had. I wish I were that organized to be working on Christmas projects this early in the year, LOL! It is not my quilt but rather one that I am finishing up for the family of one of my quilt group members who passed a couple of years ago. Betsy had two sons---Rob has a quilt that Betsy finished but Russell and his family are waiting for this one.

I was able to spread the blocks out at our meeting yesterday and stood up on a chair to get it to fit in the picure. I finished up the blocks that spell out NOEL that fit under the Santa block once I got home. The only piecing that remains are two bands of flying geese that I hope to do this afternoon. The little mittens will probably be shifted up. Betsy had the spacer bands, the candy cane blocks centers, folded flowers and the friendship star in log cabin done. The Santa block is from a long ago block swap being pressed into service. Other than that, the rest of the blocks I have done.

Tomorrow Pippi will hopefully not be hiding under my bed when it is time for us to leave for our trip to IL. It may take some tuna to tempt her out of there if that is the case. Her usual haunts have been pushed aside for under the bed and under the table in the sewing room that I have jacked up for pressing/cutting. This is the only spot she can fit into, trust me. There and atop my tote bag. I had to laugh yesterday when I pull the bag out of the car trunk--coated with kitty hair! See how lumpy the thing is? How can that be as comfortable as her cat perch or the TOP of the bed? Goofy girl.

I have two college graduations to go to--my godchild/niece Allison graduates from what my alma mater evolved into: the College of Nursing at Illinois State University and my oldest nephew Blake graduates from the College of Engineering at University of IL. Toss in Mother's Day weekend and it is going to be a busy time as well as a whirlwind trip. I don't know that Mom and I will get any sewing or cutting done this trip--maybe on Saturday. DJ has a couple rounds of golf scheduled and a baseball game for his grandson. I found after the fact, that his son had gotten a pair of tickets to a Martina McBride concert in Bloomington for Friday night probably a late birthday present for his dad. Sweet thought but I can't go due to graduation. (Unless Tracy goes with him I doubt he will go by himself.)

SO consider me off a holiday or Beach Day as Darilyn says. A little packing remains though the laundry is done and a Walmart run has already been made for pantyhose and to gas up the car. Catch you later.


  1. Hi Linda, I'm loving the quilt you are doing for Betsy's son. I think it will be a double treasure. Partly because she started it, and secondly because you were willing to finish it. Not everyone would do are one special gal!!

    Wanted to tell you, I also LOVE the pointsetta the bed of roses(bloomin' rose to me *G*), it give a really nice punch, and keeps the big blocks at the top from feeling over heavy. Have an absolutely wonderful visit!!!!!

  2. hope your trip north is safe and you have lots of fun! Give your mom a hug from me too please.

  3. Ahhh, so nice of you to finish it up for them. They will treasure it! Have a great vacation!

  4. Safe journey Linda.

    And I think furry baby fur is a natural fiber that enhances projects, don't you?

    Hurry home.


  5. I think it is looking very nice - you sure have done alot of work on this one! Santa's beard would look great quilted with a bunch of swirly-s!



  6. Linda,
    That is going to be an AWESOME quilt! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your Christmas quilt is going to look soooo neat!!! I can't wait to see it when it is finished! You have put alot of time and effort into it! :)

    Have a safe trip, Linda, and enjoy your vacation!!

  8. The quilt is going to be very special for the receiver - started by his mom and finished by you, as an act of love ! I really like the photo of Pippi as well. Have a good trip !

  9. Really love the quilt! It will be cherished for many years. Your kitty looks just like one I had and loved for many years. My kitty also loved my piles of sewing things. Nice memory.

  10. I love this quilt. Anything about Christmas quilts tug at my heart.

    You need to join me on 1st Weekends. The first weekend of every month is dedicated to working on Christmas projects or gifts.

    Enjoy your trip.



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