May 5, 2006

Followup, thanks to Jan

Thanks, Jan for sending along the picture of Beth's doll, doll quilt and her big quilt. Now I can post a followup to my post of yesterday. Looks like the doll's hais is a little worse for wear, LOL.

Beth got her doll quilt a long time before she got the bed sized quilt. I was determined that she would have it in time for her 10th birthday last year. There it is on her new bed in her new home in TN.

I should say that the fabric was purchased for this when Beth was just a baby, got stalled out for too long but now she has grown into it, I guess.

Today finds me working on a couple more blocks in Betsy's Christmas quilt. The train blocks are done and added plus two hole in the barn doors with a candy cane she had appliqued for the centers of both blocks.

I got the bright idea to try to make a pointsettia block instead of doing 2 Ohio Star blocks--hey, I can do this easy after making some that were about half this size for the round robin!! And yes, that means more applique, LOL. (Hanne, I'm using your hint on this one. ) I hope to prep a bell block that believe it or not, is in the book but maybe a bit bigger. Still more applique!

What's more, I am also considering the "Springtime Blossom" block that Evelyn AKA Starfishy and Hanne helped me with as it looked so pretty in reds and greens. That was not the correct name though--let me go get the info that Evelyn posted. Ah, here we go--- in her note of April 15, 2005

"a block from the quilt called Bed of Roses block - first published in Quiltmaker in March/April 1996 (issue 48) and re-printed in Quiltmaker's All-Time Favorites Spring of 2000 (photo of cover below). The original quilt is featured in 30's(?) pastels. I made my block in Christmas-sy fabrics - just in case I ever get around to making a Christmas quilt! "

Her example looks so pretty in Christmas colors so would be a good choice. I don't feel like adding two stars in Christmas colors if I'm piecing it-- there are already a bunch of stars in the quilt. This would give me a chance to try the block without committing to a whole quilt's worth too. Okay, that did it--convinced me, LOL.

Time to heat up our lunch and then back to work---


  1. What a lovely idea about the dolls, doll quilts, and big quilts for little girls. I will have to remember this if I get ambitious enough to try this for my neices and my daughter.

  2. Linda

    Yes the doll hair has gone wild, but if you saw Beth's own hair every morning, you would say that they matched. The quilt is lovely and was worth the wait!

  3. I love the colors in the quilt and in the doll version! It makes me want to try my own pink and chocolate quilt. :)

  4. Another lovely quilt for doll mother and doll :-)
    Seems like you are doing good progress on your late friend's quilt as well - I think flower blocks and mittens will be perfect !

  5. Wow, that pink and brown snail's trail quilt is a BEAUTY! I really love pink and brown together in quilts. Love doll quilts too!!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love that big girl quilt! Nice and scrappy! Pink & brown.... Ahhh!


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