May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

While I am not a mother marrying late in life as I did, I have a mother and a lot of friends who are mothers so I'll pass along the greeting. I remembered what my blogger password was so could sign in on my step-son's computer. Whad'ya know about that?

My parents will be coming soon to pick me up so we can head to Champaign for Blake's graduation. We'll be blasting out of here tomorrow morning bright and early and DJ would like to drive straight back--about 675 mile drive or about 12 hours to get home.

Got Allison graduated on Friday from my old alma mater in its present incarnation. I was not only pleased to have Allison honored but one of my classmates graduated from the masters in nursing program and another friend has achieved doctoral status and tenured position with the university. Wendy was one of Allison's clinical instructors this past year. Her mom, dad, brother, both sets of grandparents and I had dinner out at a restaurant called Flat Top where you grab a bowl of the ingredients and sauces (like you would at salad bar) and another one for your meat. Then you get a separate bowl for your meat choice and leave it for the cooks to stir fry on a huge griddle looking thing. YUMMY!

I stayed over at my folks Friday night, helped Mom fixed lunch and got a some stitching done on one of the applique blocks. She and I ran over to my brother's who lives about 15 miles from them for a short visit---the kids all look like they have grown a foot! (I'll have to post a picture of them once I get home. Can't quite figure out my new digital camera or else it is not working properly)

Last night DJ, his son, DIL and grandson along with one of Josh's friends went to an arena football game (Bloomington Extreme) at the new US Cellular Coliseum. The place is right in downtown Bloomington and not far from DJ and I lived and drove by on a daily basis. Weird to see how different that all looks in that area. Lot of fun and the Extreme won over Peoria in a really convincing manner. Even better, we are all huge St. Louis Cardinal fans and they won too! Luann was keeping up with the score on her cell phone for us because we couldn't listen to the game on the radio.

We are going to have to get home just to warm up--never thought you would hear me say that did you? Cold, rainy and windy almost the entire time we have been in IL. No golf for DJ and Tracy though Tracy has some hopes of getting in a few holes this afternoon. That might be a bit optimistic. This seems more like their usual March or April weather.

I left my stitching bag at my folks so did some un-sewing on an extension to baseball jersey for Josh. He had dug out an old sewing kit of his mom's and started on it last night. Knew exactly what to do with a seam ripper but he said he had taken sewing at school (8th grade)--probably part of that life skills stuff! Somewhere in his endeavors the tip of the ripper broke off but the knife part was still intact though dull. No crafters around here either to substitute a pair of sharp scissors. I got the job done before I came in here to the computer. I almost called my mom to ask her to bring a spare ripper---oh come on! y'all know we have more than one!!

Guess that is about it-- have a great day, women everywhere. I'll catch you all late tomorrow.


  1. Hi LInda, I was thrilled to see your comment on my post of yesterday...*VBS* So glad you are having a great(altho chilly) time in IL.
    Lovely to see your post..*VBS* and I'm here to wish you a "Happy Everything Day", alot of mothering gets done whether or not we have individual children! I'd say you can stake a claim to all those WTIL kids..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

  2. Just what I was going to say Finn.

    "Mothering" to me is a giving of spirit and support. I don't believe it takes a biological child to make someone a "Mother" in the finest sense of the word.

    And your spirit shows through in your blog Linda. :)

    Happy Day.


  3. Linda, sounds like you've been really busy!

    Hope you have a great (quick) trip!

    Judy L.

  4. looking forward to having you back LJ! lovely post of what you enjoyed doing back "home".


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