May 3, 2006

what I've got so far

Here is what I have together so far. Betsy had most of this done--I only made one of the Christmas ornaments and that foundation pieced candle you see by the angel.

I had to join the loose blocks and then do the set in seams to make it fit together. Awful way to design a quilt in my opinion. I tried to draw a line to show you roughly what I got have gotten done .

I spent most of yesterday afternoon making this block, foundation piecing. Who wants to do the needle turn applique that the project originally called for? Well, some of you gluttons for punishment might but NOT this quilter. It is too big with no white space around. Back to the drawing board.

Well, back to EQ to find the ones I want and re-size them. that I need some coupling between the cars so draw that up so I can add it to the foundation piecing on the block itself. More designing and re-sizing and re-printing this morning.

The gray at the top is too light anyway on this block and the spot calls for a darker background. I"m thinking a nice blue background on the whole deal and run a colored strip along the bottom of all four cars.

I'll run to Hancock's in a bit so I can get to work after DJ and I trudge along our old Rails to Trails. I'll put on my headphones and think about what color cars I want to make--representational or something in primary colors? He is impeding the creative process here!!! BUT since Mr. Impatient is waiting I better sign off, get dressed in walking clothes and head on out. It is important to exercise but he has horrible timing, LOL.


  1. I know you too well, most any time would be poor timing when it comes to walking :-) hope you are soon back on track with a design that works better! hugs

  2. Looking good Linda! The easy way to do this without any set in seams is to do partial seams. When there is a corner that another block would need to be set into, just sew the seam part way to the corner. Then sew on the other block. Then sew the rest of the first seam, including the block you just sewed on. I hope this makes sense. It's much easier to show than describe. That's the way I'm putting together the "It's a Wonderful Life" quilt I show on my blog. It looks like there are a lot of set in seams, but in reality there isn't a single one - as long as you use partial seams.

  3. How neat to see the blocks set together Linda..but it looks like you still have a lot to do on it.

    Your picture sent me back to the loose leaf notebook I picked up, and what is interesting is that NONE of the speciality or "cute" type blocks are in there. No train, Noah's ark, rockinghourse, Father Christmas, etc. The patterns I told you I have, are in there in all three catagories, sampler, other quilts and small projects. I'm wondering if maybe the gal didn't buy those packets,or maybe it was just those that she was after..seems a bit weird to me..LOL
    I'm sure it will come out fine from your talented head and hands, Hugs, Finn

  4. It sure is a huge task you have taken on, but seeing your previous work I am very sure you will make it - you are good ! It will be good to be done I guess :-)

  5. Ohhh, that train block is too cute! Looking forward to seeing how this all goes together and your final fabric choices. If you can wait for the mail I can send you some blue novelty background that has snowflakes on it - really cute!




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