May 20, 2006

Betsy's original Christmas quilt

I thought you might like to see a picture of Betsy's original Christmas quilt. This was taken at the Spring Sew-in 2001 but I know she had the top completed in September 2000. I found a photo of her standing with the top on one of my CDs. CD drive has been a real poop since I did a search on one of my CD's looking for it. I know which file but can't get the thing to open. It is not acting like it is on friendly terms with some others that I know DID open properly too. GRRRR. I scanned this one so it may look a bit fuzzy.

Anyway, Betsy did this one according to the patterns and gave it to her son Rob at some point. By round two, if you scroll down, you will see that Santa and the sleigh got ditched for the words "JOY" and those letters that gave her fits on the cookie jar were eliminated. Gone are the little house appliques---that is what she was working on when I first met her. She had the friendship star in log cabin block and folded flowers along with the two colored heart in the bag for inclusion so I know she was making changes for Russell's quilt. I followed suit.

Here is a picture of Betsy (standing) with our hostess with the mostest, Joy. Both pictures were taken at Joy's long time home in Anniston. Dear women, both of them.

I have not done diddly today in the quilting department but may decide to tackle that spaghetti heap of binding and press it. OR do some bluework embroidery on my snowman BOM.

Catch you later----


  1. Love the Christmas quilt! It's ok to do no quilting every now and then.

    Judy L.

  2. love the photo of them so much...I was lucky enough to meet Betsy.

  3. I love a lot this quilt, it is so sweet.In it there is the whole air of the Christmas :))))

  4. Linda, what a beautiful project you have taken on. I'm sure Betsy's son and his famiy will adore you forever because of your generosity and love.

    As for my BOM, thanks to Finn(sorry, tried to make it a link to her site, but got frustrated and gave up), I am going to do those 4 center blocks different than the pre printed panel. It will be some sort of applique, just not as elaborate as those printed ones!


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