May 22, 2006

Replies and other Monday musings

I noticed in some of my earlier pictures a hint of blue at the base of the quilt. The danged door stop had gotten in the way. Norma, you asked what it was--a molded dog with a metal spring type tail. I wanted a cat one but by the time I made it back to the store that had them, the cats were gone. It is cute though but I would prefer he stay out of the next picture.

The road crew was back bright and early this morning getting ready to put new asphalt down. DJ and I had hoped that they would get this job finished up while we were gone last week but no such luck. You can either get stuck in the "lead and follow" flow or try to avoid the mess by detouring in a creative manner. BUT it was errand day so I was heading in the "detour" anyway.

We walked but not quite early enough now that the temperatures are up--try 8 a.m. next time out. Low 70's by 9 a.m. and oh, goodie, the weathermen are saying the humidity will be going up. The power went off for a short time this morning right after I had turned on the computer. You start thinking--can't sew, can't read mail or blogs or get that address I needed to send out this card. The ceiling fan is off. How spoiled am I?

Several of the blogs have shown pictures of what is growing in their gardens and so forth. We have a couple roses open, a Stella d'Oro (is that spelled right?) lily that is flowering and this lovely stargazer lily. The gardenia bush should opening up in the next week or two.

I had to laugh though--I took the picture but on a 2M you take a whole lot more than you thought you did. I caught all the mess in our neighbors back yard---in what I call Hillbilly Heaven. The two cars parked in the yard--one emblazoned with a campaign sign, the peacock pens and all that backyard mess and his tree that fell almost a year ago that he was supposed to clean up though it is on our side of the property line. Thank heavens for cropping. Geez Louise.

Oh, Quilt Holder is average height--about 5'10" or so. I think the Braid quilt finished up at about 44 x 66 so perhaps the diagonals made it look bigger. He hasn't had to get up on a chair yet but he came close with that Christmas quilt. That is part of the reason he was griping about the quilt being so big--he is used to the smaller WTIL/lap size. I wish I had had my camera with me when his grandson stood back to back to see how far Josh had to go to catch him. Josh says he is 5' 9 1/2"--he just turned 13 in late October. Of course, PaPa D is shrinking a bit, LOL and that back won't quite straighten up. There is my sweetie, above.

And to keep it quilty, I'm going to get back to the sewing on the Picture Frame top in a few minutes--just the sashing strips to go. I realize that I also need to make up a handout for tomorrow's block (Album Cross) for the Belles. Probably need to make up a few block components as well. I'm thinking we can use a few more of those 2 1/2 inch strips for this one. Nice and scrappy!


  1. Hi Linda, nice to see your new post, as always *VBS* Actually, I like the variety of things NOT quilted, added. It's fun to see the fur babies, the much loved "sweeties", sewing rooms, flowers and such. If it were always just quilts, it feels like it would be so one dimentional.

    I like knowing you've got quilt group tomorrow, and that the Belles' will be doing Album Patch. Silly, I know, but I like the connection knowing stuff like that give me, to all you other gals.

    If these are truly journals, we need to feel free to write what's on our minds. Thanks for sharing your flowers and your sweetie with us, Hugs, Finn

  2. love the flower pics...those colors are just too yummy! thanks for sharing linda!

  3. He looks like a very patient quilt holder!

    And I actually like seeing the door stop dog as well as the quilt!

  4. Hey Linda,

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Yours is one I will never miss each day!

    Your "quilt holder" is better than mine. Mine loves the quilts but gripes when holding them. Poor thing , his arms get tired. I can't complain, I'm way too short to hold anything, he's 6'2" and does great. Love seeing you sweetie!

    All those quilts wow! It must be great to hand them all over!


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