May 19, 2006

Borders or Bust!

Here is another glimpse into my sewing room since I don't have anything finished to show you. Look who found a new hiding place! She squeezed in this little spot even after I put her little quilt atop the serger case so she would quit furring up my quilt tote. She did not stay long once I flipped the table skirting up and took this picture. She is back to sunning on DJ's desk.

Borders for the Christmas quilt are all ready for sewing as I found a wonderful forest green with some metallic overlay for the middle border. In retrospect, I probably did not get enough fabric for the back lengthwise. I'll either have to make a trip BACK to Hancocks or better yet, use more of the green and paisley and add some bands of those to make it longer if that is needed. Of course, this is NOT the time of year to be shopping for Christmas fabric but I found a nice almost Jacobean looking print on a neutral background that has all the colors that are in the quilt--hints of blue, green and reds. It will be fine for this.

I could have (should have?) started on the borders last night but just didn't feel like it. It is NOT my fav part of the process, after all. I wanted to sew but not THAT--I am sure that you all know what I am talking about there. Instead I pulled out the Pioneer Braid bands that I had started at the spring sew-in late last month and sewed those to the sashing bits. That top would be done except some goof ball (read: me) forgot to cut the top and bottom bands. The binding is cut but minus two wider strips needed--fortunately, I know there is more at the meeting place.

That Pioneer Braid top is a stashbuster or "something from nothing" quilt---2 inch strips from my stash boxes, a lot of which came from Ellen of WTIL fame--a whole Xerox paper box crammed full of cut strips. I add a bunch of my own by cutting through the scrap bag, 3 day marathon early this year. I don't know how many quilts I have already made with those baskets of strips. They are gradually diminishing. I still have enough strips pulled to make another of these, easy. The sashing bits I used were left from the church making tablecloths for their new shorter tables--choice of burgundy or forest green. One of our members helped make the tablecloths and would not let the ladies toss the leftover yardage because she thought we might find a use for them. And we did. The backing will be a piece that my mom sent home with me earlier in the week along with an add-on of WTIL kit red. Cher, Pam and my mom will know EXACTLY what I am talking about there! Lots of neat novelties for the quilt's eventual owner to pick out. There are little Christmas trees, Santas cats, fish, etc--like playing "I Spy".

So a errand or two to run and then you'll know where to find me.................


  1. Sounds like you are busier than ever, so many irons in the fire...*VBS* But a good kind of busy. I'd love to try and keep up with you for a day, but I doubt I could!!

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one who does "interesting" things in terms of cutting. Wonderful that you got to sew some on the braid..mine is "just sitting" also, along with about 4 or 5 other things I'd like to be doing instead of what I am.

  2. I hate putting on borders! Yuck! Cutting and piecing are so much more fun!


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