May 23, 2006

post meeting note

Here is Carolyn standing proudly at the meeting today with probably her 2nd or 3rd finished quilt top. The JOY quilt guild was giving a beginner's quilt class for anyone that wanted to come and Carolyn took it for a second time. I love that butterfly block! I hope to get a copy of the pattern so the rest of the Belles can make one. Wouldn't that be fun girls quilt?

We were few in numbers today but this close to a holiday weekend, I was not surprised. We helped Carolyn pin her top and one that Sarah had finished up. We pinned my Braid quilt too but all the ladies thought it should go to one of the boys with that dark binding. It doesn't scream "girl" quilt so I won't put it on the front burner.

Here are a few of the album cross blocks that we got done today. Betsy stack cut her three colors so each block had a different background. Carolyn got the hang of the blocks as well though it took a bit longer. The other two are mine from the scrap bag. I got the Picture Frame blocks in rows so it is not quite done to share. Oh I know you are all waiting with baited breath, LOL. I ask the girls to try the block and make one (or more) for the kids. They don't have to make a whole quilt of it unless they really like the technique. The patterns are theirs to do whatever they want with them.

Yep, Hanne, 5 a.m. awakening time and let me tell you, that is maddening to me since I often cannot get to sleep till 1230 or so even though I have gone to bed hours earlier. Really part of the problem is that Pippi has both DJ and I dancing to her schedule--it's light and she thinks we should be awake if she is and wants her breakfast even though she usually has enough left in her bowl. The window was open last evening as well and with the loose rock surface that is down right now the going to work crowd is making more noise--not sure when they are coming back with the asphalt truck to finish up.

I was dinking around a bit with EQ this morning--gave up and got up at 6:30--on both an idea I had for the next round robin but also with the Album Cross block. I told the girls I would post a picture of what one of my ideas looked like (alternating snowballs though it might look better with a planned quilt) and Jeanne's Whatever block. Kinda looks like arrows to me and kinda cool. I liked it better when the snowball didn't line up perfectly--easier to sew too, if I try it.

Regular little chatter box today, aren't I? Or else I posted a tomorrow's post one day early, LOL. Next time up I'll share the pictures of our mini quilt show from two years ago.

Off to see what y'all have been up to-------


  1. I love the blue and white butterfly and sunbonnet blocks! Really pretty together!

  2. Of course we are waiting with baited's very exciting stuff, these new quilt designs..*VBS*

    Love Carolyn quilt top, really pretty and very girly looking. And it does look like a fun butterfly. I'm still hoping to make that pieced one I showed way back when. That back burner is just soooo far away tho...LOL

    Hope you sleep good tonight, and that tomorrow is a quiet morning for you. Hugs, Finn

  3. Well, I guess I am not the only early-riser in Blogland!!! I now consider getting up at 5AM to be "sleeping in" LOL! Love the quilt show this morning.

  4. love Carolyn's top- be sure to share with her our enjoyment, we know how beginners need to hear that encouragement! hope to catch you online today sometime my friend.

  5. hope you get some good sleep soon!

    Love carolyn's top- esp the butterfly block!

  6. Very cute beginner quilt - please let your friend know we are admiring it :-)
    I think your new EQ5 layout is clever! The snowball corners looks like butterflies too.
    I hope you will get some extra sleep tonight. Even a creative mind needs some rest ;-)

  7. I love it that Carolyn took the class 2X - she made a great quilt!




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