May 7, 2006


Inspiration comes from a lot of different spots. This was in an advertisement for a quilting publication, I believe. I made three of them this size for my own quilt but resized them a bit for Betsy's as they go in a space with a different configuration.

Then this one came from a transfer book--full sized sheet that I resized with Rapid Re-sizer software to get it to fit in an approx. 9 x 7 space. I love to do redwork embroidery and had done a similiar block for my own quilt so Betsy's will get one too.

A Christmas card my husband received several years ago. Resized it as well but bigger this time, not smaller. I cannot replicate the colors used necessarily but it made a cute version last evening. I had the most fun digging around in the scrap bag and Christmas fabrics to dress this little guy. Betsy had some neat star buttons and one that looks a lot like the sunflower that can be included on the block. Probably will use some perle cotton for the outlining stitch since there is a blue background.

Its coming together though slowly................

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