May 9, 2006

recent completions

my most recent completions to add to the Christmas quilt. Today I'll work on a couple of the applique blocks since I am off to my quilt group meeting soon.

I spoke of the block sources for these in my post on Sunday.

Bed of Roses block in Christmas colors--foundation pieced but that was mainly because it was a goofy size on the cuts I would have made conventionally.

Memory block--one of the few that the pattern actually called for


  1. Good for you getting xmas projects done ahead of time! I want to make some Christmas table runners for gifts this year and I know I'd be much better off if I would get cracking now!

  2. The blocks look awesome Linda! I really like that Bloomin' Rose, it will add a nice punch of color.

    The redwork piece looks terrific also!

  3. I agree with Finn...I really like how that blooming rose block turned out! nice work on all the blocks my friend.

  4. You are making lovely blocks Linda ! This quilt will be very special.

  5. The reindeer brings back memories of the one we used for years as a gift tag for your brother Phil. Remember the reindeer head with wax running down from cnadles in his antlers?


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