May 17, 2006

two, two....... two posts in one

Last night Jane brought over the round robin I do next having stood in for me at the hand off meeting on Saturday. I am to apply 4 finished inches of squares and/or rectangles. That might not be what the quilt needs but that is what is required. It is sooooooo dark because the last two people used black backgrounds that it has to be brightened up. The owner has the center section fabrics included for possible use though it is not a requirement. I was warned that Mildred loves a black and red combo and so far the two pass off's from her have been black. I hung it up to live with it a few days to see if inspiration may hit but y'all might need to give me some suggestions for it.

Even Hello did not want to load a picture properly for the blog page but clicking on the dreaded red X did open it up. I may have messed up the settings? Try this and see, I guess.

(See the other post for the day below.......danged computer!)


  1. Maybe red background something ... with lots of the gold and sprinkles of blue to repeat it from the center?

  2. I think to hit it with a white background would shock it too much, but I agree that another black border would be really depressing. I like the blue she used and whatever the center hexagon is...although is that what the secong person used? The gold? Maybe 4 patches with the blue and soemthing?

    I think I would be too nervous to mess up someones quilt to do one of these. Good Luck, I know whatever you choose will be great!

  3. oh right away I had several ideas, this would lend itself to a rectangle type piano key border LJ.
    use some of the fabrics the owner included and you could perhaps sneak in some creams or light golds perhaps...these rules your person in charge gave are rather challenging! maybe some very light corner stones to pull the eye out from the center would work with the "keys"...hey, I am not lacking in suggestions LOL !

  4. Thanks Linda for the math lesson. Of course the reason that the one size turned out so msall was that I was looking at the wrong number on the ruler when I meansured it!!! D'UH!!

    Thanks! That will get them done easily and I wrote it all down!

  5. I'm thinking maybe pick up some of that yummy orange in the next round. It's looking very dramatic.
    Pippi looks like a GREAT quilting companion!

  6. I'm thinking maybe we should be calling these Challenging Robins, instead of Round Robins..LOL. Oh my but that got dark with that particular second border added. I think you have to lighten it up, but probably white would be too much of a shock. I like Cher's suggestion of piano keys. You cold control the amount of color by varying the width of the strips. Of course you could always 4 bands of those really nice SKINNY triangles that K. Fassett likes so much..*VBG* You know, about twice as tall as they are wide?? *G* OK..I'll go now..LOL

  7. Hi Linda,thanks you very much for your visit to my Blog. I am happy for this, is an encouragement to continue!!
    P.S. I adore your cats, they is so nice :))))


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