May 17, 2006

Silly kitty

Pippi has been hanging out with me here in the sewing/computer room this morning. Silly girl insists on drinking in here rather than by her food bowl but I have heard of other kitties doing that. She has stayed curled up at the bowl long after she was done drinking but that is not unusual for her.

What cracked me up was that I think she was about to fall asleep and her head was resting on the edge of the bowl! You know they don't like getting wet! Plus she looked like someone hugging the toilet after an all night "toot"--maybe just because it is a porcelain bowl? I moved her to up her perch where she remains looking out the window without the possibility of wet fur.

Yesterday she was all over the house checking things out as if she had not expected to come back home. Her scratching box, under the bed, under the cutting table, up atop the kitchen cabinet and a lot of time on top of the microwave looking out the window. Our little "family" is complete.

No sewing, stitching, or even much thinking about stitching either but that will change today as I would like to at least get the rest of the Christmas quilt together. I still cannot quite figure out what fabric I want to use for the borders as I am not wild about the plaid I had purchased initially. It looks too olive to me and would go well for another project. I have a nice Christmas looking paisley but is there enough and would have to get some of the green for the inner border. What to do, what to do?

Blogger is not cooperating with loading the picture of the round robin I was going to share though the danged thing SAYS is loaded. Who hasn't been there and done that? I'll try a different route in a minute. Between that the keyboard keys that are sticking, I don't know which is more of an aggravation at the moment.


  1. all is now right with Pippi's world..cute photo!

  2. So happy that your little family is all back together..*VBS* And it must Universal that no matter how much fabric we have..DO we have the RIGHT piece for that darn border???? I'm looking for just the right lattice to set my stars...grrrr


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