May 18, 2006

making progress

Some sewing progress happening around my house yesterday as I joined the bottom blocks/sections of Betsy's Christmas quilt yesterday in a few hours time. All those seams to contend with on the pieced spacer units--oh my! The top is done minus the borders.

I have decided to go with a nice red paisley that I have miles of--probably from my mom since I don't remember buying it. Those borders are cut and so is the binding from the same fabric. I just got the white inner border ready a bit ago but will need a run to the fabric store for a nice green to go between those two. I have greens but not enough of any of them---read: no yardage to speak of, just fats or thereabouts. I know Judy L hates phalanges on the long arm but that is about what this thing needs--a narrow bit of color. I am supposed to walk when DJ gets back from getting his oil changed so I'll make my run after lunch or better yet, when I pick up lunch. (My philosophy: if there are no leftovers to be had, this homemaker doesn't "do" lunch if she can help it--coming up with supper/supper ideas is enough! It's that or grilled cheese which I love more than him.)

So what are these pictures you are looking at, you might ask? Here I am thinking of the next project before the other one is completely done! What else is new, LOL? Well, it is the fabrics Lauren used in her round robin flower garden block-- wherever this lands on the page. Pat used a similiar orange color and a black with an olive-y green swirl for her pieced round. I know that really did not show up well in the picture---bear with me as I learn how to use this new camera.

The multiple fabric shot shows the five fabrics on the right that I might be able to use. The two shades of blue next to the two of Lauren's on the left were some that I purchased a few months back thinking I could use them for her round. I bought the green and gold as well on that trip. There is some yardage of a similiar green that I used on the sunflower round that I could use instead for more texture.

The orange was bought specifically for Pat's sunflowers but I dipped into the gold for that too. I'm thinking that the orange could possibly be used for background for my round if I go with something pieced for my squares and/or rectangles. I don't want this thing looking like Halloween though. The medium ranged blue might work and use the orange for accents? All that black needs some major toning down is my thought and apparently your thoughts as well from the comments yesterday's post received. Piano keys would be easy to do but I want to mull this over a bit more. I guess I am seeing more like four patches on point in my mind. I have not measured the center yet to see if a coping strip will be needed to get this thing up to something remotely divisible by 2 or 4 (4 inch finished is the requirement).

The girls don't even know my email addy let alone the blog addy so its okay to put the pics up, just in case you are wondering. When I get Aline's, I'll have to be more secretive!

Guess that's it for today-----


  1. Hello again Linda, so happy to hear the christmas quilt is out to the borders..HURRAY!!! An easy run for homeplate now..*VBS*

    I love the colors you have picked to play with. I did think of 4 patches on point yesterday, as they make such a nice dance along the edge. But I wasn't sure if you wanted to do that much sewing(all those triangles).
    I'm sure whatever you come up with will be marvelous, just like your sunflower border turned out!!!

    Thanks for you comment over at my place, and ya, I think that Aunt Gracies solid is kinda lame too, but I think it might work better than a print. Maybe I can bind with the polka dotted one..*VBG*

  2. Great looking fabrics. Good luck with your next steps on all the projects!

  3. Big YES to bringing some blue out to this next round!!
    Jeanne :)

  4. LJ, adding the color changes will make a big difference to the black that is dominating the quilt thus far....I same lighten that thing up and move away from Oct 31!!


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