May 23, 2006

meeting day etc

At 5 a.m. it hit me that the reason I was short 8 pieces of sashing and why some were cut too long for the horizontal on my Picture Frame quilt. Not every block has a bottom and left side. The right and bottom edges of the quilt are supposed to have a regularly cut border once the piece is completed. DUH. That's what I get for not paying attention and sewing mindlessly. SO do I un-sew some of last evening's endeavors and do it "right" or leave it and consider it closer to being finished? Dunno, but I'll figure it out at the meeting when I lay the blocks out. How much does it bother me? Knowing that I am not all that fond of doing borders in the first place, you might guess which way I'm leaning.

I am never sure how many quilts will be coming home with me or who all might be coming when the Bama Belles meet. Some have been ill and other have family obligations but we keep plugging away. I know we are getting close to our goal of 55-60. I know I had more volunteer's to do binding that I had quilts ready for it the last two meetings. That will change when I get into quilting mode this week. The pictures show how it is looking around my house as the quilts stack up for the Big Oak Girls'Ranch

Forget trying to use the hamper anymore as it is a quilt resting place at this point. I do have a little more space between the top quilt and the ceiling yet and I could re-stack them with the bigger ones on the bottom. I should possibly explain that my bedroom has two closets because there is no coat closet in the house, I guess. The off season clothes and coats go in the one behind the hamper and armoire. The one with all the quilts is the one that I use because obviously there is easier access.

It is my hope that we can spread these all out on the church pews before long and have Judy's husband take pictures of all of them. We did this once before when we took 81 to the Presbyterian Childrens Home in Talledega. I still get goosebumps thinking of how gorgeous those quilts looked. It was very moving to those of us that were there too when you think about the time and efforts that went into arriving at that moment. Have I shared those pictures with you before??

When I ran by the church to get that green fabric the other day, they had the fellowship hall set up for a graduation reception and no tables out. If we are going to get any sewing done, I'll have to start dragging a few out when I get there. Everybody but me arrives when they can, anywhere from 9:15 to 11 or whatever. I am always the first one there and early since I'm the one with the key. I don't want anyone to have to wait in the parking lot for me to open the door so I better get going--pronto!


  1. Thinking 5 am ?? It must have been running around in your head all night then :-)
    What a stack of quilts - they will bring comfort to their new owners indeed !

  2. ooooooh my, the piles of quilts are so impressive!!! Naturally the quilter in me want to open each one and see what it is...LOL, but I'll resist that temptation. *VBS*

    I hope you do get to spread them out on the church pews and get that picture...or pictures.

    I look forward to pictures from today(???) I hope, I hope..LOL

  3. Yes!! Please take that big picture and show it. I bet it is glorious to see!

    I am so envious of anyone who has a quilting bee, and the friendship they share. I don't have one here yet and I really need to get one together.

    Congrats again on all those quilts. They look so yummy!

  4. Your pile of donation quilts is impressive. You are a very generous soul!


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