May 4, 2006

Girls and dolls

Today I am sharing some pictures of the dolls and their quilts that I made for my nieces. I had a ball with these! But realize that I never did get around to making any for the youngest ones, as I type this.

This one belongs to Rosie.

Randi called her doll "Amy". The Wild Goose Chase block is in the same colors and much the same pattern as a real quilt that I have started for her--another UFO, sorry to say.

Amber called her doll "Rachel" Rachel's quilt was a little puff quilt and just big enough for me to try making one. 121 squares was quite enough to convince me that I probably would never make a large version, LOL.

My SIL Jan will have to refresh my faulty memory. I know this is Beth's because it replicates the big quilt that I made for her but did I make her a doll?? I seem to have no pictures of it. Also did I post a picture of her quilt in my "Lost" blog?

I'm passing on the quilt meeting today to stay home and make some more train blocks for Betsy's Christmas quilt. Finn, there will be be a train included just not the same one as the pattern. I did the caboose and side car yesterday with the engine and passenger car on my goals for today. That should complete the top half.

Patti, I understood what you were telling me about partial seams and in fact, that is probably what I was doing. Betsy had left the seams partially finished around the dark blue tree applique. It still didn't make it too easy to manipulate it around a 2 x 3 spacer but we got the job done. I appreciate your help though. I've been looking at the sketch closely to see if we can eliminate it on the lower half but I know I can if I have to.

Catch you later----


  1. way to go on moving along on this project...more than I would want to undertake!

  2. The dolls are so cute. I used to make both teddy bears and dolls. I loved how each one developed a distinct personality while I was working on it. Seeing your pictures makes me want to make dolls again - but I'm too busy quilting these days!

  3. The dolls are adorable Linda, and what a great undertaking to make them quilts that match big!
    I've made small quilts over the years, but a whole less complicated than the ones you chose to dolls usually get a snow ball or a nine patch..sometimes just 4 patches. Fabric was pretty scarce back in the dolls time(or so I figured)

    Keep up that really great work!

  4. How cute the dolls and the doll quilts ! A clever idea for girl gifts.

  5. Thanks for sharing... How sweet!

  6. Linda

    I've sent you some photos of Beth's quilt, doll and bed quilt. Boy did this bring back memories. You've only got two other nieces to do...I think we are through adding to the family tree. LOL,
    SIL- Jan

  7. You just gave me a great idea to make some doll quilts with a matching 18" doll dress (for the American Girl dolls) for some of my nieces. And goodie - I even already have a pattern book for the doll clothes! Thanks!

    Bet your nieces just loved these presents!!!




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