May 29, 2006

Holiday or typical Monday?

Pippi's napping spot atop the microwave--outside looking in

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend and if traveling, a safe trip home. Interesting to see what other countries do to celebrate this same sort of holiday. Except for putting out the flag, it looks and seems like a usual Monday. Neighbors are home and have company over so a bit noiser than usual. People in the pool, etc. For DJ and I, tomorrow will seem like Sunday or Monday all over again. We just got our minds wrapped around what day it is (was) after coming back from vacation and will be confused all week.

Poor kitty was sick this morning about 5:30 and that sound roused me. Where did she hit and what needs to be cleaned up?? A moment of panic as the tops I had just done were in the same room but it was HER little quilt that got nailed. Off that went to the laundry so there was no getting back to sleep. She spends so much time with me here in the sewing room that I had to wait till she left to vacuum up my thread covered carpet. I ended up doing the whole house since she was safely ensconced in the pose you see above.

Grocery shopping this morning ( 3 different stops). I was trying to beat the heat. When I left the house it was 72 and when I got home from all my trips, up to 84. UGH--humidity is increasing and it is just plain blast oven HOT. Once home, I decided to make the cookout type meal for lunch, rather than supper. Yum! Lettuce tomato burgers , corn on the cob, lemonade and a piece of watermelon. If this is considered the un-official start of summer, then let it begin with summer food. I cannot wait for the fresh blueberries and peaches to come!

The gardenia bush looks like it will be full of blooms--so lovely and "creamy" smelling once open. The bush is getting so large it is amazing that Pippi can see past it from her window view. I love seeing the flower pictures on everyone's blogs so I'll be sure to share some of this when it they open up. I notice our most mature crepe myrtle is beginning to flower. We had some pop up thunderstorms yesterday afternoon but could use some real rain fall totals.

I'll start quilting again in a bit--I'm working towards a goal, after all. I am starting to think I might just make it especially if I keep to the "one a day" like I have been doing. Linda's are a little smaller than average so that helps. Looks like I pulled her "Ice cream Cone" top off the stack for today's endeavors. This one may definitely entail a trip to the fabric store or a call to see what she might have on hand from the top itself to come up with binding fabric.

Finn, I think I got my Amish Wallhanging pattern from Keepsake Quilting as a "patterns plus" so the fabric came kitted up with it. I didn't pick any of the solids out but could have come close now-- I have many of those in stuck away in their own basket. I should pull that out again just to see what they called that "upper left hand corner block". I know I could piece it a whole lot better than the original one. Maybe you and I should challenge each other to make one as you are always telling me that my personal project tallies never changes from "O". Something small I might be able to handle?

Other than that I am mulling the idea of a garden maze row for the round robin that I showed you in "Two, two--two posts in one"
that I have coming up---a strip is a rectangle, right? Maybe in a couple shades of blue to lighten up all that dark or even an orange or rust??
I would elongated it for the middle rails or maybe even another x at center. Since Lauren's center is a Grandmother's flower garden it would fit the theme. Stay tuned as I am apt to have changed my mind again in a few days time. Anything I decide is going to be better than paint, for pete's sake!

Catch you all later when I go '"round the ring"--------


POST NOTE: 8:30--two more little ones done--the ease of diagonal lines. When you cannot figure out what you want to do, the fall back position is the "KISS" philosophy. Binding only part left. One to go--Pioneer Braid. Now there is a stumper! How did some of you quilt yours? Bear in mind, that I stink at free motion.


  1. What a fun post.

    I had forgotten all about crepe myrtle. I had the prettiest crepe myrtle trees at my first house. I even liked them when they "rained" petals.

    And my mouth is watering for your wonderful cookout meal. Yum.


  2. you are doing so great on your quilting goals...and another wonderful meal you have described.
    I think you should give serious thought to making something small for yourself!

  3. Hi Ho...another productive day!! Wow! All that shopping and cleaning up and cooking...I'd think you would be tired, but no, you then quilt...*VBS* Quite amazing!

    I went back and looked at your Pioneer Braid...what about a zig zag??
    If you picked one strip piece in the upper left and went down, til it turns up and follow across the sashing strip to the next up and then the next down...kind of like this /\/\/\...well you get the idea. I think you could just work your way across the quilt, every 2nd or 3rd row and it would be enought. Might still have to do something in the borders, especially upper and lower.

    Actually, that's how I utility quilt my bargello top..just following the /\/\ across, except they stagger as they go up.

    Hey, I'm game if you are on the Amish wall hanging...let's just set a nice long deadline tho...LOL Like Christmas or something...LOL

    I like the garden maze type setting you are playing with. I think that might work well with the flower garden center, and more color would help too.

  4. Wow, you have been busy these last few days. I'm jealous since I've had a completely NON quilty weekend.

  5. I already have the cat on top of the microwave,but I like the pot holder hanger on the side! I'm always trying to juggle something hot just out of the microwave, and the potholders at MY house are near the oven.

    I am, as usual, in awe at the amount of quilts you get done for WTIL. Bravo!


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